Phil Spencer Discusses Microsoft’s Unpopular PC Moves And Xbox One Evolution

Microsoft’s Build 2016 Developer conference is a developer-focused gathering that expands its reach well beyond Microsoft’s Xbox division to talk about the technology surrounding all of Microsoft’s products. With the Universal Window Platform causing so many of Microsoft’s departments to overlap, though, Spencer was on hand (his first time at a Build conference) to talk about Xbox One and Windows gaming. After showing off some new details on stage during the keynote, Spencer took part in a round table discussion to answer questions about everything from his plans for the Xbox, to what goes through is head when he selects his wardrobe.

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Sciurus_vulgaris1050d ago

I think they should avoid putting MP heavy games on both PC and Xbox. The console gamer has to pay for online, while the PC player doesn't.

Pandamobile1050d ago

So? Xbox gamers have been paying $60/year for multiplayer privileges since day one. Why is it suddenly a problem now?

2pacalypsenow1050d ago (Edited 1050d ago )

Actually it was $50 on xbox and Early Xbox 360, and its always been a problem

2v11049d ago

Is always has been a problem, maybe you just take it as normal but I don't.

TheCommentator1049d ago

I don't think PC gamers would ever be happy about having to pay for online, so here's a couple alternatives. Wouldn't it be interesting if Gold became more of a service like PS+ on the ps3, and gaming online became free at some point as the UWP develops and grows in ordder to make things fair? Alternatively, maybe Live silver just has you watch commercials like broadcast TV(when you first log on, in the lobbies, etc.)? I'm just throwing stuff out there, but does anyone else have any ideas?

Morgue1049d ago (Edited 1049d ago )

I've stated this before but I've been paying for XBL since the launch of Halo 2 under various tags and been paying for PS+ since it first launched. Since playing the DooM beta it's actually the first time in 6 or 7 months that I've even played online.

Yet if I was a PC gamer and MS tried charging me too play their MP games. I would not play any of them.

I don't know. Everyone that posts on here has their own logic on how they would approach this situation so I can't really comment for them.

TXIDarkAvenger1048d ago


Well here's the thing. MS already tried to get PC gamers to pay for online and it failed horribly. But its clear they can still make money off console gamers for having to pay for online multiplayer so why stop? Unless sales go down, I don't see them ever stopping. Online gaming will never be free on Sony/MS consoles.

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freshslicepizza1049d ago

the pc is not a closed platform, not even windows 10. therefore you don't have the same level of control with friends, making sure all games play together and so on. will you be able to join steam players for example?

microsoft has no control of games on original either. people pay for the convenience of xbox live to work with all games. but this question needs to be answered directly from phil to explain. they tried to charge before on the pc and it failed because the pc is not a closed environment.

Yetter1049d ago

I really don't understand the logic to your argument

343_Guilty_Spark1049d ago

I think they will change the model and make multiplayer free but make GWG PAID.

Yetter1049d ago

could you imagine?? completely flipping the script from last generation

Imalwaysright1049d ago

And whose fault is that? It certainly isn't PC gamers fault as they never supported paid online.

Sharky2311049d ago

Pc players usually have a lot higher price tag on their rig so it equals out.

xPhearR3dx1049d ago

Ummm, no? No ones forcing PC gamers to purchase high end GPUs and CPUs. It's already been shown 100 times you can building a gaming PC just as powerful as a PS4/Xbone for the same asking price. If someone chooses to do that, they're not forced to pay to play online. But the console player is.

Sure you get additional perks like sales and "free" games, but PC game sales don't cost a dime and are 10x better than anything consoles can offer. Plus, you can get PC games much cheaper at launch compared to having to pay $60 a pop with a few exceptions.

NohansenBoy1049d ago

I've built low cost systems before that can do 1080p 30FPS for $300 before. It's not that hard with either new or used parts.

mark_parch1049d ago


could you tell me what parts and where from to build a $300 rig that plays 1080p 30fps please, i would like to build a rig but don't have much money, cheers

Kyizen1048d ago

@NohansenBoy $300 for a PC rig how? With case, powersupply, ram, motherboard, hdd, cpu, videocard, keyboard, mouse, and monitor I just don't see that happening.

NohansenBoy1046d ago (Edited 1046d ago )

@ Mark and Kyizen

Used i5 650 + OS + HDD 500GB + DVD ROM for $139.20

A brand new Keyboard and Mouse came with the above parts.

New Cougar X200 case for $39

HIS 7770 I had lying around might cost around $70 to $80.

4x2GB RAM $40 or lower. Hard to put a price on this since again I reused some parts and ordered another stick.

600w PSU I had lying around that may go for $40.

I probably could've gotten a much lower price for the above parts if I looked around more and didn't go the route I did to get the fist round of parts, but I was too lazy. I literally bought the first Lenovo machine that popped up on screen, due to being too lazy to search harder.

I was searching for deals a bit ago however and managed to get a new $100 for $42 due to some sale blinq was having on a Ultra X4 Special Edition 750W PSU I want for my enthusiast build, because that was an offer I couldn't pass up.

In all, PC gaming is cheap if you look around for parts and don't get lazy like I did.

NohansenBoy1046d ago (Edited 1046d ago )

I made another build with new parts.

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1049d ago
Onehandband1t1048d ago

PC gamers pay enough for hardware, and along with buying a windows licence...PC gamers should never have to pay to play online.
Unless of course it's a subscription model game

Etlugtehul1048d ago

P.spencer is the man,fedtede gnom:)

Bruneblomst1048d ago

So right it's great,lugt til den bruneblomst;)

fattyuk1048d ago

"I think they should avoid putting MP heavy games on both PC and Xbox. The console gamer has to pay for online, while the PC player doesn't."

So what lol

There diffrent ecosystems, if you dont like paying for online guess what! invest in the ecosystem where you dont have to pay to play online.

Personally as playstation fanboy who has become a pc gamer over the past 18months im really happy and impressed with microsoft pushing xbox games towards the pc!

More xbox on pc please phil :D

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TheColbertinator1049d ago

How is their PC stance unpopular? Microsoft is giving gamers more options,expanding Windows and putting their studio partners to work.

Mikefizzled1049d ago

Xbl still charges for One users. People claim them moving franchises onto PC devalues the Xbox One. I think they are the common complaints.

Yetter1049d ago

But a larger player base for online games only adds more value to the XB1

bleedsoe9mm1049d ago

i think its allot less if GWG continues the great lineup .

343_Guilty_Spark1049d ago

Like I said I think they will change the model.

candystop1048d ago

I'm confused. I did not purchase Xbox live for months and still played online for free. The only reason I purchased the service was for gwg.

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SteamPowered1049d ago

No mods, no overlay, no .exe files, no game stream, no fps counter, hard locked fps, and no Sli support are just a few of the problems so far with UWP.
The more momentum UWP gets, the more they can pressure Devs to sell on windows store. This is bad for PC gamers who are used to an open ecosystem.
Pushing console practises on PC gamers will only hurt Microsoft. GFWL is exhibit one.

freshslicepizza1049d ago

they are addressing those issues. people sued to hate steam too when it first came out, give it time.

Yetter1049d ago (Edited 1049d ago )

SLI, overlayes, game stream, fraps, VSync gsync and free sync are all being addressed in May. Watch /build.

Its brand new, give it a month or two

TheCommentator1049d ago (Edited 1049d ago )

Yetter is right on point about a May target. By Fall, devs will have access to Shader Model 6 and FL12.1 features. MS is making an open platform for running things like Steam games in UWP too. Lots of goodies on the way.

NeoGamer2321049d ago

You are talking about features that UWP has yet or may never need.

There is nothing wrong with distributing games in the Windows Store as well. To me, I want all games distributed in all stores across Windows, Android, Nintendo, PS, and iOS devices. And I only want to have to pay once for a game. Distributing in only one store is blackmail. Forcing you to use a specific store.

There is currently no such thing as an open ecosystem. Devts can’t create a steam works game that has XBL achievements, connects to my iOS game friends, and allows me to match make using PSN. That would be an open ecosystem. Today you choose an ecosystem and you build to it. Hopefully, longer term the ecosystems becoming closer to each other and this ends.

If I have chosen XBL as my primary achievements location then every game I play on every device and network should allow me to unlock only XBL achievements. Same if I am a PSN trophy person or Steam Achievements nut.

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rainslacker1049d ago

MS is just unpopular with PC gamers for a variety of reasons going back several decades.

rainslacker1049d ago

My bad. based on the disagree, I guess MS is extremely popular with PC gamers, despite the past several decades.

Etlugtehul1048d ago

Is good lugt til min prut;)

BG115791049d ago

It is unpopular for PC gamers mostly.
MS is trying to lock down the PC by using W10. Example : They want to make the Windows shop ap the only means to buy a game.

MCTJim1048d ago

Not true, they said you can purchase from anywhere..steam included.

Imalwaysright1048d ago (Edited 1048d ago )

They can only do that with their 1st and 2nd party games. I don't know why they think that it is benefitial as it could lose them software sales but that's the only thing they can control in PC gaming.

BG115791048d ago

But of course their doing that at first. If they did otherwise, W10 would never take off and gain their share of user.
Their objective, and that happened with every new system, has they gain user, they will close off the PC little by little. At the beginning, you will definitely be obligated to have a windows live account.
MS is going for the same model as Apple here...

Kenshin_BATT0USAI1049d ago

Their pc platform is extremely closed off. Things like Gsync and freeSync wont work because it's borderless window. No mods. Vsync always on etc.

Godmars2901049d ago

Not talking PC but rather Windows 10. Using the OS to introduce a closed system similar to that of consoles on the otherwise open environment of PCs. Being what Steam is while turning game programs which can be modded into game apps which can't.

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Free_Fro1049d ago

After reading that interview, You learn that Phil knows what he's doing. XO in capable hands...


freshslicepizza1049d ago

agreed but you will always have a subsection of people out there who are just adamant about not liking anything they do and most of that is from past history. i do agree with this comment from phil,

"I will say, the anonymity of the Internet I think allows people to sometimes say things that I wish they would realize there are people on the other end, not so much me, I’m in the job I chose to be, but overall, the feedback is great, so keep it coming."

you have a lot of noise on the forums and they are easy and sometimes not so easy to pick out. they have an agenda and that agenda is not about how they can improve the xbox, it's about picking it apart as much as they can and if they fix it they will move onto something else to pick on. all while remaining anonymous.

Automatic791049d ago

What up @moldybread the fact that you stated perfectly valid points and you still get disagrees shows exactly what your comment is pointing out. Its Good to get level headed gamers like yourself on N4g. Eventually, the group of individuals who are hating for hating purposes will convert that energy into something positive that can be useful in the future of gaming. My mentality is the more gamer's the more games. The windows 10 plan for all MS devices is fantastic. To Team Xbox if you reading ultimately it comes down to the games. Keep them coming can't wait to hear from you guys at E3. Two more months.

bleedsoe9mm1049d ago

there are a ton of non answers , better than a bear on rollerskates .

Yetter1049d ago

off the topic at hand, but this is my favorite part of the interview. It's in regards to Cortana integration on the XB1:

“Hey Cortana, how do I get through this level?” We know what game you’re playing. We know what character you are. We know where you are in the game from Achievements and the mapping of what’s happening in the frame, so we’re actually going to able to say, bring up all the game DVR clips of the area where you are and say, “Here’s how other people have completed the level you’re on.” There’s both the navigation of Live itself and everything that’s going on.

Sounds a little pie in the sky, but very exciting nonetheless

TheCommentator1049d ago

Don't know if I need Cortana for that. I just hop onto the Edge browser and search online, which takes maybe two seconds longer than having Cortana do it IMO. I'm not saying I don't see the value in voice commands with an AI assistant though. Not having to open up menus to start a party, send an invite to someone, save a video clip, etc. are all very useful and I'm sure Cortana is smart enough to figure out lots of other stuff too.

rainslacker1049d ago

Yeah...have you used Cortana? Heck it's worse than Siri. Half the time it's worse than Bing. All it will do is bring up a list of videos of that level. The content will not be that tailored to what's on screen. Cortana, and all others like it are just an interface to a search engine with some AI to allow for returning results in a different form. There is nothing that special about it.

I've turned it off on all my windows devices, because it's actually slower and less relevant than any search I could do through a web browser.

Yetter1048d ago

Cortana is getting a total overhaul this summer with the Win10 update. They were showing it off at /build. Sure it was a demo environment, but its definitely come a long way.

rainslacker1048d ago

As with most things like this, I'll reserve praise until it actually works. I know how it works now though, and it's not worth the effort. MS recent AI Twitter account doesn't instill me with a lot of faith that it will be much better this summer. Heck, I'm still waiting on Siri to be worthwhile, and it's had plenty of updates, and still isn't worth the effort.

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