Half-Life 3 Gets Kickstarter Campaign, Valve Seeking $10 Million [Satire]

Dan Miller writes: "After all Shenmue 3 was for a long time just a pipe dream until its sudden emergence as a Kickstarter project in July 2015, surging past a target of $2 million to eventually raise over $6 million and become the highest-funded video game project on Kickstarter thanks to almost 70,000 backers. Anticipation for Half-Life 3 is even higher than it ever was for Shenmue, and if Valve did opt for a Kickstarter campaign I genuinely do believe it could achieve $10 million (possibly the only video game capable of doing so)."

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garyanderson1058d ago

Theyd need more than 10 million for it. Not that they would ever crowdfund it. That would involve actually engaging with their fans.

jc121057d ago

Agreed. A AAA title like Half-Life III would require years of development and well over 10 million dollars. 10 million bucks would be a drop in the bucket for a project like this.

Neixus1057d ago

To be fair, the csgo devs at valve reads feedback from reddit all the time, even comments on a thread some times aswell

hleV1057d ago

The original article was on April 1st. This one's too late.

letsgopal1057d ago

Today is not April 1st.

quent1057d ago

You misread that, they actually need 110 mil

--bienio--1057d ago

April fool was yesterday come on Ng4 stop allow to public this cheap articles!!

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