Peter Molyneux's Next Game to Reveal the Meaning of Life [Satire]

Gary Stott writes: "Peter Molyneux has announced a Kickstarter campaign for his latest game, entitled Money & Hype: It's Just Bidniz. The title will allegedly reveal the meaning of life, finally shedding light on mankind's destiny in the cosmos. The news came by way of a press briefing from the developer's studio, 22Cans, presented by Molyneux himself"

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garyanderson1025d ago

I would play the he'll out of a game called Money and Type Its Just Bidniz.

IamTylerDurden11025d ago (Edited 1025d ago )

Yeah, Peter and his 22 employees got filthy rich from that few hundred K they got to make Godus. It's not like they got millions to make megaman (Mighty No9). They got peanuts to create something new and groundbreaking...and with the budget of a mobile game. Oh, and it has to be amazing.

Stupid article. 22 Cans didn't even ask for much, they weren't being greedy. In fact, they asked for far too little. Bloodstained, Shenmue, and MN9 better be the bees knees with 6 million dollar Kickstarters and all. 2 of the 3 are side scroller clones of the developers previous franchise. They even have publishers yet the ask for millions.

Timesplitter141025d ago


Really? What is this?

mike32UK1025d ago

Precisely! This is the most ridiculous title ive ever seen. Literally typing out that the article is satire complete strips it of any potential comedy...

IamTylerDurden11025d ago

Yeah, bash a guy who made multiple great games and helped revolutionize the industry. Look at how AWESOME Lionhead's doing without him, that Fable Kinect and Fable Legends damn! <- [Satire]