Final Fantasy XV 10 million unit goal isn’t about profit, but the team’s personal ambitions

Nova Crystallis:

In a statement issued to Famitsu, Tabata clarified the 10 million figure is nothing more than a goal for the team. He said the number is probably exaggerated but was put out to demonstrate the team’s lofty ambitions.

This isn’t the first time Tabata has spoken on the challenges of his game. Previously he expressed his desire for XV to surpass Final Fantasy VII – a hig

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PhoenixUp1051d ago

Not surprising that a team that spent 10 years developing a game would want that project to coincidentally sell 10 million units.

Playable_Gamez1051d ago

10 million.
So do they expect 1 out of every 7 PS4 and Xbox One owners to have a copy of FFXV? That is setting the goal pretty high.

I_am_Batman1051d ago

They'll most likely make a PC port and maybe even a Nintendo NX port as well. After such a long time developing the game they'll surely want to bring the game to as many platforms as possible.

rezzah1051d ago

They better advertise it well.

Its stunning visuals will surely pull casuals who stumble across it on tv or common websites.

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X-231051d ago

The game has been advertised for about 10 years now, not only that but the game seems to be doing some really innovative stuff. Seeing the Car turn into an airship like it did in the trailer was really awesome and the scale looks to also be amazing with a type of immersion and mixing of fantasy and real world dynamic we haven't seen in many games before let alone RPGs.

I wouldn't say 10 million is a lot to ask for, considering so much that is getting put into the XV project, even outside of the actual game, the CGI Movie, the Brotherhood series etc. They clearly want to build off of XV rather than it be just a one off iteration.

They won't see those sales numbers immediately, but they'll get there. As for a PC Port, they probably will, but it won't come until a few years down the line I'm sure, similar to the XIII trilogy.

Personally I'm just glad that the RPG genre is booming again it seems. The Witcher 3 was better than Inquisition in my opinion, new Star Ocean, new Persona, FFXV release in September it's a good time to be a fan of the genre.