1UP: Far Cry 2 Preview

1UP writes: "When Far Cry developer Crytek signed a deal with Electronic Arts to make Crysis, Ubisoft handed the Far Cry license to an internal development team at its Montreal studio, led by Splinter Cell: Chaos Theory creative director Clint Hocking. As a result, Far Cry 2 looks to be one of the least "fake" shooters around -- instead of focusing on big scripted moments, the developers put their time into establishing a world where everything from the way trees sway in the wind to the way something blows up is accurately simulated in the game's world.

The game also puts a focus on the relationships your character develops over the course of the single-player campaign, allowing you to choose which characters you want to befriend and join on missions. Unlike other games, however, if one of your allies dies in a mission (which may or may not happen, again tying in to the realistic-simulation idea), he or she is dead, and you won't see him or her in the rest of the game."

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This Game Is Goin To Be Ill