GameSpot GC 2008: Fairytale Fights First Look

GameSpot writes: "Once upon a time, Playlogic's internal Game Factory studio started work on its first original game. That was well over a year ago, but it was only this week at the Games Convention that it was shown to the press for the first time. We're very glad that we made the effort to be there, not only because Fairytale Fights looks really promising, but also because it has afforded us an opportunity to write about Little Red Riding Hood pulling a knife on a group of attackers. That's something you don't get to do every day.

The version of Fairytale Fights that we saw today was very early, but it still had a quite slick, colorful look about it. The forest that we saw playable character Little Red Riding Hood skipping through looked like something from an animated movie, while the characters, as well as the way they interacted with one another, brought to mind Happy Tree Friends, Ren & Stimpy, and other violent cartoons."

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Jamegohanssj53734d ago

Once upon a time, James wasn't caring about a multiplatform game. That's almost 85% of the time.

MK_Red3734d ago

Wow, just wow. An M rated fairly tale game with lots of gore and Happy Tree Friendsly awesomeness? I'm SOLD!