GameStop Sponsors Race Car With Call of Duty Skin

Watch NASCAR much and you notice the winning driver's post-race genuflection to his sponsors can get to be a mouthful. So it's probably a good thing Joey Logano finished 16th in last night's Food City 250 at Bristol, Tenn. in stock car racing's Nationwide series. Otherwise Logano would be like: "Well, Jerry, we just have a super group of guys on the Call of Duty World at War GameStop Joe Gibbs Racing Number 20 Toyota team. Just a great car, ran super good and I'm glad we could get a win for the Call of Duty World at War GameStop Joe Gibbs Racing Number 20 Toyota team.

"I thought we was gonna run out of gas there at the end but I got a nice push from my teammate Jerry Jeff Jeeter McPheeter racin' in the Peter Jackson's King Kong The Official Game of the Movie ... Number ... 14 ..." [starts breathing into paper sack].

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spandexxking3712d ago

how did a sport about driving around in a circle get so popular? oh wait its the prospect of a crash isnt it?

FCOLitsjustagame3712d ago (Edited 3712d ago )

It looks really pretty on least thats why I started watching it. Then you start hearing about how they are setting up the cars and running the tracks and then it helps you out in Forza (because actually the first races I watched were the road racing ones... and then this year they raced in the rain that was cool)

oooh look at the colorful cars.... BTW I saw that Call of Duty one and started rooting for it just because it was pretty and it was a gamer car. They do have other gamestop paint jobs but that was one of the better ones.