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Whether you consider Quantum Break a game with episodes, or a mini-series with interactive segments ultimately doesn’t matter - it’s an experience. It may use an unproven formula, but that blueprint is also the main attraction that piques one’s curiosity, even if my own started to waiver amidst a story too interested in its own keywords to talk about anything more depth-inducing. With a dire need to be amongst the blockbusters, it’s an inoffensive, non-threatening tale with big-name actors who try so seriously to make it otherwise. And while not an one interesting story in itself, Quantum Break has an interesting way of being told.

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Palitera1055d ago

I'm reading a lot of "interactive story" and "The Order" references.

So, honest question from someone thinking about getting the game (the last one I actually care about in my X1): Is it a cinematic heavy game? How does it compare to Uncharted (5 minute action segments, one minute cinematics, or something like that), for instance?

Morgue1055d ago (Edited 1055d ago )

I'd say while all 3 of said games mentioned including Quantum Break have similar aspects to them, they are all different games in the end. I could sit here and pick apart every one and say positive and negative things about them but people only want too point out the negatives. Redundant gameplay.....What game doesn't have that? What's the point of motion capture if the characters can't move or react correctly? What game doesn't have that? Drawn out cut scenes, long load times, short campaigns and the list goes on and on......

While some gamer's will enjoy the game ( Quantum ) for what it is and find enjoyment out of it. Others will hate on it for what it's not or not up to their " personal standards " of what the game " should " be.

Palitera1055d ago

Sure. Games ARE repetitive, no doubt. It is like saying that Super Mario games, the ones with some of the best level designs and creative mechanics ever made, is too repetitive because you basically just jump jump jump. And the jumps aren't even realistic.

If you don't care, could you please tell me about the cinematic proportion of the game? Is it more like New Order or is it closer to Alan Wake?

Cinematic heavy action games to me are a big no.

Nivekki1055d ago


How would he know, the game isn't out yet? You'd know as much as us if you read the reviews.

Palitera1055d ago

1. I won't read the reviews. I trust more random users than people getting paid to write about a game.
Not saying that the reviewers are paid directly by the gaming companies, but they are definitely not free to say anything they want. Also, ragebaits are bigger than everything in the industry.

2. Did you know that a lot of people play games before release? Youtubers, reviewers, lucky players, retailers etc.?

Morgue1055d ago (Edited 1055d ago )

@ Palitera

I can't say because I haven't played Quantum yet but by going with Remedy's track record and the play style of Alan Wake, I'm sure it will be heavily story driven and more cinematic but like some of these reviews are saying. You can skip the live action sequences.

I beat The Order and while I enjoyed the game the story was short but it was dragged out throughout the campaign, which really made everything feel slow/ short or drawn out. Take your pick.