IGN GC 2008: Dragon Ball: Origins Preview

IGN writes: "There's really no denying that there are numerous Dragon Ball Z games that flood the market with oftentimes generic fighting systems or lackluster action elements. Fortunately, the German Games Convention delivered a Dragon Ball title that I really didn't expect and that title is Dragon Ball: Origins. An adventure RPG for the DS, Origins goes back to the story of the original Dragon Ball series and follows Goku and Bulma on their quest for the seven Dragon Balls. I had the opportunity to sit in on a private demonstration of Origins where I was able to watch the first few moments of the game, along with some in-game cinematics.

Origins is a very colorful game and looks to be quite faithful to the original material. Both screens on the DS are used well not only during cutscenes but during actual battle, displaying content vertically to take advantage of the extra space. Origins will be heavily story-driven and feature a lot of the comedic nature and adventurous spirit of the original Dragon Ball series."

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big shadow3797d ago

dragon ball z RPG? thats a surprise

Phoenix173797d ago

hmmm... reminds me of that dbz game for GBA well it would be kool to fight against the red ribbon army one more time X)
I'm still wondering where that Dragonball movie is gonna come out supposably it was suppose to be out this month idk but still love the whole DB series X)