Top 10 Mini-game Collections for Wii and DS

IGN quote, "At this point the words "Nintendo" and "mini-games" are pretty much synonymous. By our last count there were approximately 4 billion mini-game collections across the Nintendo Wii and DS. We've played them all and we know enough about minigames to tell you with the utmost sincerity that most of them kind of really suck.

Hey, but not all of them! There are a number of good titles, some diamonds in the rough. Jewels amid the shovelware.

We've thought about it long and hard. Well, we thought about it every so often in casual little segments. So join us for our list of the best of the mini-games (including micro-games, since they're the miniest of mini-games). The titles that will entertain your grandma, but are still cool to play."

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