Gaming Nexus: Soul Calibur 4 Review

Gaming Nexus writes: "Best. Soulcalibur. Ever.

Kind of.

The latest version of the vaunted weapons-based fighting series delivers on almost every level, with a great variety of characters, beautiful visuals, well-imagined locales (not to mention the guys and gals), and customizable options that are some of the most accessible and detailed in the business.

As the table dealers in Vegas say, "what's your pleasure?" All your favorite old characters are here, and most of the new ones are interestingly designed ("anime-d", if you will) versions of familiar friends. Are you a mid-range guy, looking for a balance of power and speed? Here, try a little Mitsurugi. Prefer short-range speed? Go ahead, Taki it up. How about long-range ridiculous strength? Nightmare, Astaroth, Siegfried; options, options, my friends. Most of the characters are familiar, if slightly updated versions of your old favorites."

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