GameTrailers: Heavy Rain GC 2008: Interview

New Video Interview with the head of Heavy Rain development from Quantic Dream.

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Cwalat3734d ago

just look at the giant eyes behind him and you already know this is the most graphically advanced game out there..

TOO PAWNED3734d ago

Not according to graphical experts from Kotaku, they very nicely pointed out TWICe that this is not best looking game at Leipzing, but that generic multiplatform game called Bayonete is best looking, out of this world!
Sure anyone could say "But you have not seen Bayonet you a-hole and HE/SHE would be wright, except that if we think this way.......every site has seen both Heavy rain and Bayonet and KOTAKU is only "site" (actually crappy blog) that considers this mysterious bayonete game to be better looking. Every other site is amazed by Heavy rain, few have even mentioned Bayonet.What a coincidence? Think again. Kotaku is so full of hate and despise again Sony that they will find a reason to be different, to like something else, even multi platform game, as long as it isn't Sony exclusive. Scary thing is that this hate might even be so strong that they honestly consider Bayonete better looking game....

radio0o3734d ago

TOO PAWNED you are completely right but you are wrong about one thing: They released screens of Bayonetta's levels and (surprise, surprise) it doesn't look good at all. So it proves you correct. Kotaku are obviously just trying say something controversial to get traffic or they hate PS3, as you say.

Anyway Heavy Rain is my most anticipated game, hands down.

UltimateIdiot9113733d ago

You are right, the only one I find pro-Sony/ps3 is Leigh Alexander. Other than her, lots of Sony hate.

Bombibomb3733d ago

I feel like I've been waiting 10 years for Heavy Rain lol. I want it so bad man Indigo Prophecy was amazing.

El_Colombiano3733d ago

Wow this is crazy! They just finished the mo-cap. So this means that their entire group of devs have yet to really start working on the game and it looks THIS GOOD?! This kind of stuff is why PS3 does not cease to amaze me.

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THC CELL3734d ago

them eyes make a lot of games look really bad lol

wow welcome to next gen with the killer eyes

WhittO3734d ago

looking forward to this game !! the best thing about a game for me is story, thats why i like heavenly sword so much even though it could get repetitive.

Seems huge aswell - 80 actors !! :O

mfwahwah3733d ago

80!? I thought I heard him say "18" and I'm like "that's not that many o.O"

Thanks for inadvertently clearing that up for me lol.

bluecapone3734d ago

Heavy rain will break new grounds in 09

ThatCanadianGuy3734d ago

Strong contender for 2009 GOTY.Along with Killzone 2 and GOW3

Draperc3734d ago

Amen to that, positive feedback for you. Oh, and if anyone's interested, here's the HD 720p version of the gameplay video, all ready for playback on your ps3.

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The story is too old to be commented.