Starbreeze on Payday 2: "We need to find our roots again"

Gamereactor talks to producer Andreas Häll about the Hardcore Henry update and more.

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Free_Fro1056d ago

Yo do..

You're the same guys who did The Darkness :)

You let that other dev ruin the sequel :(


Activemessiah1056d ago

Did they do Riddick as well?

OoglyBoogly1055d ago

Yes they did which, at the time, was one of the best games out. Even to this day it's crazy good.

Activemessiah1055d ago

@OoglyBoogly Still hoping they do a third one... both are underrated as hell

NarooN1055d ago

Darkness 2 wasn't that bad.

Legion211055d ago

I don't think it was bad, more linear than the original and extremely short. But still an enjoyable game.

NarooN1055d ago

Yeah, go back to your roots of not spamming the game with insane amounts of P2W DLC.

SquidBuck1055d ago

Possibly the worst videoplayer ever.

Hold_It1055d ago

"We need to go back to not screwing over our customers". You think?

kraenk121055d ago

I loved Riddick back then, even today. But I can never forgive what these guys did to the Syndicate franchise...

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