Crave Online: Red Faction: Guerilla - Hands On

Crave Online writes: "Let's start with the good. A staple of the Red Faction series has always been the destructible environments. What started as real-time bullet damage and being able to drill holes in walls has been taken to the next level with Red Faction: Guerilla. Everything is destructible to the point of a million little pieces of a wall flying everywhere as you nail it with your sledgehammer. It's also cool to see the physics engine in work when attacking building's structural weak points and watch it topple like a set of dominos. This really adds a much needed twist in game-play to separate to Red Faction from the other online shooters. For example, in your standard shooter, the general flow of events is you enter a building, slowly and cautiously clearing each room. In Red Faction you can stand outside the complex and blow holes clear through the siding to reveal enemies for easy killing. It really makes the game-play a lot more unique and dynamic."

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