Brothers in Arms : Hell's Highway new gameplay video

"Here is a new gameplay video of Brothers in Arms : Hell's Highway which is playable at Ubisoft booth at Games Convention Leipzig."

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Comeplaywithme3710d ago (Edited 3710d ago )

Is it just me or does this look boring as hell. I know the BIA series isn't known for it's balls to the wall action but seriously, this almost put me to sleep. I had really high hope for this game but it doesn't look to be the AAA title I thought it could be.

I could see this in the 6.5 to 7.5 range. Story is the only thing that remotely interests me now. Have the graphics went down from previous demos? Saw some clipping and stuff.

Looks like I'll be purchasing COD: WAW for my WWII needs. What's up Gearbox is this really the finished product? I guess I'll be waiting for reviews to give me more insight. Not looking good.

cyclindk3710d ago

Yep, this game has seemingly gotten worse (visually anyway), but perhaps it's just the vid...I know one thing, after playing MoH Airborne, I don't trust any Unreal Engine games on the PS3 anymore, but it does appear that if you don't use tactics the game is really wasn't meant to be run and gun by any means. Oh well, maybe there are enough people out there that enjoy tactical type war games...I'll pass.