Are the free Xbox Games With Gold titles for April 2016 any good?

Neil writes "Without beating around the bush, the quality of free titles on offer throughout April 2016 is nothing short of awesome. If you thought March, with its gifts of Sherlock Holmes, Borderlands and Lords of the Fallen (you may notice I’ve left Supreme Commander 2 out of that list!), was a good month to be a gamer, then you ain’t seen nothing yet."

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oKidUKo1050d ago

Absolutely brilliant offerings, Wolf is sooooo good and I need to give Sunset a go. Saints is mental.

CoNn3r_B1050d ago

I would be ecstatic if I didn't already own all these games.

The Wolf Among Us is rich and compelling and my personal favourite out of TellTale's game library.

Sunset Overdrive may be a corporate game from Microsoft but it is still tonnes of fun.

Dead Space, bring some spare trousers.

Saints Row 4 good game, funny as hell.

Khaotic1050d ago

Corporate game.....first it's developed by insomniac which ms does not own. Second almost all games are corporate genius.

shabz66611050d ago

Lol what's a corporate game? Stanley parable? Everything is a corporate game. Sunset overdrive is awesome. Insomniac really nailed it

CoNn3r_B1050d ago

A corporate game is when a game is made by a normally cross platform studio that have been paid/funded by a console manufacturer to make a game for them. These games are usually identifiable by their over reliance on marketing and are often nothing more than graphical showcases which is why I said "Sunset Overdrive may be a corporate game from Microsoft but it is still tonnes of fun."

shabz66611050d ago (Edited 1050d ago )

ah I think you mean a third party exclusive. Calling it a corporate game sounds so sleazy. Like resistance is so awesome. Specifically resistance 3. Its a just a great game. Sucks these games are not on everyone's platform of choice but really choosing just one platform to play on for a whole generation is probably more insane to me than anything. Sigh. Sucks that everyone's so busy shitting on the other console manufacturer that games are just secondary conversations

Khaotic1050d ago

Yeas it's called a third party exclusive. The term corporate game doesn't exist in our terminology

jannytime1050d ago

Oh so like street fighter 5? Lol gotcha

CoNn3r_B1050d ago

Games like SFV and Titanfall don't count because the game wouldn't exist without the funding from the manufacturers.

Jmanzare1050d ago

Sunset overdrive wouldn't exist without Microsoft.. Just give up

ninsigma1050d ago

Sunset is so under appreciated. Such a good game. The Wolf among us also got me into tell tales games. Was hard to put it down. Dead space on 360 is also really good. I never bothered with those games when they first came out but when I eventually played the first one I was hooked into the universe. Can't say anything for saints row. Not my kind of game and haven't played it.

Rookie_Monster1050d ago

4 AAA games, of course it is. Not just any AAA titles, but 4 highly rated and beloved games as well. Quality and value are amazing.

For me, it is one of the best months ever for GwG and will only get better when more BC titles are added to XB1.

DarthJay1050d ago

I ALWAYS claim the 360 games purely because why not, they are free and if I ever want to go back to them I can. It's fantastic. BC is such a huge win. I already own Sunset Overdrive on disc but I'll claim it just to be able to not need to rely on the disc, so even if they are games I already have, it's still a win because having the digital copy makes it that much easier. Love it.

ChocolateWonder1050d ago

Well the Xbox360 titles are behind a Credit card paywall so i cant download them...

Malacath1050d ago

Cant you download them directly off the console?

I know there is a paywall on the website but didnt think there was in the xbox one store.

ChocolateWonder1047d ago

If you download it from the store you need a credit card aswell.

DarthJay1050d ago

Incorrect. Download them straight from the console.

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