Final Fantasy XV Play Arts Kai figures - release details, preorder and first screens

Novacrystallis: "The Official Square Enix Store now takes preorders for the first Final Fantasy XV Play Arts Kai figures.

Ignis will be released in September 2016, followed by Prompto in October and Gladiolus coming in November. The prices range from 129,99$/109,99€ (Ignis & Prompto) to 139,99$/119,99€ (Gladiolus)."

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thatguyhayat2551d ago

I need to get the gang seeing how im getting noctis with my special edition

Jinryo2551d ago (Edited 2551d ago )

Also getting the Ultimate Edition. I'm curious, if Noctis figure will be sold separetly? And I'm thinking - propably yes, some months after the game release.

thatguyhayat2551d ago

Not actually sure. During that live stream the director said it'll come exclusivly for the game but with high demand maybe in the future they will

DivineAssault 2551d ago

Thats expensive as hell.. I know Play arts kai figures are 9" or so but still..

Jinryo2551d ago

Before the Uncovered event I was hoping to see this as a figure/sculpture in limited edition: