Final Fantasy XV Platinum Demo: Very Short and Incredibly Sweet

The Final Fantasy XV Platinum Demo has a misleading title, as it is not a typical “demo”, at least not in the ways one would think. Platinum is not simply a small chunk of gameplay taken from Final Fantasy XV, like last year’s Episode Duscae was. Instead, Platinum is its own, standalone side story meant to be a companion – a prequel – to the main story of Final Fantasy XV.

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monreader1051d ago

As someone who is not much of a FF fan and having no hype at all for this game, well that all changed after trying the demo. I loved my time with it and have now decided upon getting this game. I recommend everyone to give the demo a try.

user66660471051d ago

Is the combat still horrible? I hated it on the first Demo.

shammgod1051d ago

i heard it has changed a bit, but havent played the new demo yet myself.

I agree, the first demo had some pretty tedious combat.

randomwannab1051d ago

I played the demo, and the combat has changed a lot. You can choose which weapons you're using quite a bit more reliably, and the fighting is a lot more smooth. Blocking and dodging can now be done more reliably, and warping to locations (at least in the demo) can be done more reliably during fights.

Ethereal1051d ago

I dug it quite a bit actually. The combat it pretty unique with the teleporting and such.

scottrpug1051d ago

That fox is really something special.

randomwannab1051d ago

They sure did make Carbuncle look like he's able to do something in this game series, rather than just coming out and giving your guys reflect. I liked that point quite a bit.

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The story is too old to be commented.