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Quantum Break is an artistically distinct shooter, with a compelling and malleable plot and excellent performances from its main players in both their digital and live-action forms. While I wish more thought had gone into maintaining the thrill of discovering its time-twisting powers from start to finish, it ultimately didn’t prevent me from thoroughly enjoying Quantum Break’s 10-hour campaign, two times over.

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AngelicIceDiamond2074d ago (Edited 2074d ago )

I can't wait to try it out pretty decent score imo. Looks like Remedy's hard work (with a few delays) has paid off as usual. They have a great track record so can't wait to play this and hear Remedy's future project.

Gazondaily2074d ago

Ign always inflate scores imo. I'll make my own mind about it but to be, it looks like all my fears might be confirmed.

nix2074d ago

Didn't they even do kind of a little skit/ad recently for them?

FattyBoy3D2074d ago

So sites that give it good scores r inflated and sites that give it low scores r right on the money? I've noticed u page hopping. U seem to know alot about a game u have never played. Lol. A clickbait site gives it a low score and your worst fears r confirmed? Lolololol. Troll

torchic2074d ago


tbf IGN have a habit of marking a score higher than the median. I always subtract 1pt from many of their review scores

Ripsta7th2074d ago

ill say the same when the UC4 reviews come out
dont forget

bouzebbal2074d ago (Edited 2074d ago )

Guys, please stop this with review scores.
A game can score 4 and still be decent. It's about your own expectations because a review is always subjective, no matter how honest the reviewer is.
The only time i use people's opinions is when i need to decide on something i am lacking knowledge in (f.ex while buying a good camera...).

Some opinions will be based on personal preferences.
If you guys have a good gaming background then gameplay videos should be the only thing you need to make your decision.

ShadowWolf7122074d ago

Am I seeing people accuse Septic, of all people, of being in "the other camp"? lol

nveenio2074d ago

This is the game that would push me into "upgrading" to Windows 10, so the less-than-9 scores are a bit disheartening.

BiggerBoss2074d ago (Edited 2074d ago )

You realize Septic is an Xbox fan right? Why bring up Uncharted?

Ah yes...

The salt.....

8/10 is a good score, with a 78 Metacritic though I would think about it before buying full price.

UnHoly_One2074d ago

So 8/10 is good, but 7.8/10 means you might want to wait?

That's a pretty fine line you are drawing there. lol

OrangePowerz2074d ago (Edited 2074d ago )

Fatty. In all fairness the scores from IGN are often questionable even more so when they make an advertisement for a game.

Not saying it doesn't deserve an 8 just IGN is the last place to look for unbiased reviews especially when they make a commercial for a game.

Ripsta7th2074d ago

ive been here for years and just recently he got the xb1, he now owns both consoles
but he was a die hard PS since before

InTheLab2074d ago


He's always leaned more Xbox than PS. I get the same treatment whenever I talk about the order 1886.

2074d ago
starchild2074d ago

I've never had any major issue with IGN. Their opinions of games tend to be closer to my own. Gamespot tries to be edgy/hipster and their reviews are often failures to me.

tuglu_pati2074d ago (Edited 2074d ago )


"8/10 is a good score, with a 78 Metacritic though I would think about it before buying full price."

Wait. What? Its just 2 points, what is the big difference?


To be fair there is a lot more 8+ reviews than -6. Are those also inflated?

its_JEFF2074d ago

@Spetic you incited a riot over here! But you seem to be the most level headed one actually. The review scores are all over the place, ranging from 10 to 4.

I tend to like Jeff Gertsman's reviews, why? Cause he's very detailed oriented and nit picky. And gameplay/feel is king for him! I'm guessing that your fears were about the gameplay?

Kingthrash3602074d ago (Edited 2074d ago )

So they bash the order for no mp but let this slide? They say it's 10hrs long...but that's including the 22 min live action scenes.. they said it needed more powers but was good but call the order bland..they bash the order for having qte...say nothing about qb qte...or bad ai...or how easy it is, even on hard mode, something they made a video about. Still an 8 while the order a 6.something.
Why look so hard at the order but just overlook the same problems qb had.
I liked the order and will like qb, but things like this is why reviews are irrelevant. Especially with ign...evolve scored more than this game.......EVOLVE THO. (9.1)

XanderZane2073d ago

Well, we don't need to go by what IGN says.
You can always try these sites instead.

Destructoid - 85

Game Informer - 85

Polygon - 85

ICXM - 85

Game did pretty well.

NukaCola2073d ago

IGN had a fair amount of complaints. The cut scenes stream online only and cut out and buffer, the powers are thrown at you so it gets stale, the game is a bit kill all fest. But most of those negative remarks didnt go against the score. Not saying the game is good or bad, but it is rare to see critiques that negatives are completely ignored. Review read like a 6-7/10.

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magiciandude2074d ago

This is actually a good score. The game just looks so amazing. Hype is real!

Bigpappy2074d ago

Review scores are for review whores. This and all others are some guys opinion. Mine is superior always.

showtimefolks2074d ago

could be completed in under 10 hours and that includes the live action cut scenes. not something i personally want to hear about spending $60 bucks

this is where the double standard shows up from reviewers. other games would be given a low score

I am not complaining about QB, i really am not. I just want/hope for a fair standard with gaming reviews. I feel like so many times reviewers go into a review expecting something that the developer never intended on delivering

prime example will be no man sky. a lot of what people want from that game was never ever promised by the development yet no doubt some reviewers will complain

i hate how we say well gamespot are more strict or ign gives better scores. it would be nice to know there is a standard on how these things are done

congrats to remedy on another great game

in a perfect world R* will let remedy develop a new max payne

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BlakHavoc2074d ago

A lot of ppl will see 8 and think the game is average. This is a good score, so far it doesn't seem like a masterpiece but it's damn sure worth your time and money.

monkeyDzoro2074d ago

Since when 8 means average ??

MasterCornholio2074d ago (Edited 2074d ago )

I guess it started with Infamous Second Son which has an 8 on metacritic.

Anything around an 8 means that it's a good game to me.

Look, getting anything above a 7 on metacritic is a huge achievement. In my opinion anything above a 7 is a good game. People really shouldn't worry about the scores and should just enjoy the game.

Cy2074d ago

Gaming sites/magazines have been using 8 as "okay" for over a decade. It's one of the dumber things game journalists do.

hells_supernova2074d ago

Of course it is a great score. The game will be fantastic.

boodi2074d ago

is full of 9 and some 10s out there buddy

2074d ago
boodi2074d ago (Edited 2074d ago )

@99problems rofl

boodi2074d ago

then go and check tomorrow
when its up to date

Griever2074d ago Show
boodi2074d ago (Edited 2074d ago )

you probably did not scroll the score list as it is full of 8 9 and 10 too ..
the negative scores are 2.... out of 70 ...
which scored 4/10
which lower the scores to 78 ..

I enjoy my plate of crow ..but you're not welcome at it .
now go back in the grieve :)

Griever2074d ago Show
PistolsAtDawn2074d ago

As of right now 71% of the reviews are 80 or higher on Metacritic, that's 51 out of 71 reviews, and 23 of those 51 were over 90. It's fair to say that the VAST majority of reviewers LOVE the game, it's just some nay sayers trying REALLY REALLY hard to bring the game down.

boodi2073d ago Show
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divinealpha2074d ago

Yah that's the problem everyone wants to see 10/10., somehow and I means it's alright maybe , igns cod reviews brainwashed people lol

jmac532074d ago

They want to see 10's because it's a console exclusive and it will reaffirm their purchase.

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ShadowKnight2074d ago ShowReplies(4)
Bennibop2074d ago

Some of the other reviews seems to high I think a 7-8 sounds about fair considering faults most have picked up on.

Free_Fro2074d ago

Mixed opinions all over the place on this game

go ahead and miss out on a game you might actually enjoy because you depend on others to tell you what to play ^_^


WilliamSheridan2074d ago

Not that mixed, two crap reviews, one middle, . And many 8 9 and 10

boodi2074d ago

in fact .. but you know ..biased readers

MasterCornholio2074d ago

"go ahead and miss out on a game you might actually enjoy because you depend on others to tell you what to play ^_^ "

That could be applied to any game. Like Until Dawn for example.

divinealpha2074d ago

That game got solid 8s and 9s and they said it could be a sleeper hit , not a good comparison

Kyosuke_Sanada2074d ago

That high school peer pressure......

Aloren2074d ago

43 good reviews, 12 mixed, and 1 negative.

This is no Ryse or The order.

boodi2074d ago (Edited 2074d ago )

people need to think it's bad , clickbait , ms paid survive

tmisellati2074d ago

i m a PS fan and still think this game is cool
i do not trust reviews anymore. the game looks good to me and i wish i could try it.

Aloren2074d ago

Now it's 50 13 2.
I wonder why I got disagrees... last time I checked, 78 was a lot better than 63 (the order) or 60 (ryse)

bleedsoe9mm2074d ago

its a new franchise , a nice start to a long run . people have nothing to base what to expect .

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