4newsit - Quantum Break Review

Quantum Break's a playable title, but it suffers from a great illness: longevity. Even playing at the hardest difficulty, the game will only last 7 to 8 hours at max to complete the game to a 100% degree, collectibles included. Once you master available powers, enemies are anything but dangerous in front of your eyes and appear powerless in front of Jack Joyce. We would've liked some secondary mission to extend the game's longevity even a bit. Skirmishes are easily managed even at higher difficulties and exploration is linear and limited, we can afford to say that Quantum Break's strongest point surely is fiction, which is actually pretty solid, with an high quality plot that will keep your eyes on the TV screen until the very last scene. Quantum Break's a good title under almost every point of view but it's been a victim of too much hype and too high level of expectations.

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