Quantum Break Review - It's Remedy's Time to Shine Once Again | COG

COG writes - Many games buckle when faced with the weight of the hype they've garnered during development. Quantum Break stands tall and earns all the hype and then some.

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Digital_Anomaly1056d ago

No surprise at all! Remedy can definitely be counted on to deliver an amazing experience.

poppinslops1056d ago

Amen to dat... Can't wait for Tuesday!

mikeslemonade1056d ago

So silly how IGN sweden gives it a 100 while IGN proper gives it a 60.

WilliamSheridan1056d ago

What are you talking about? IGN gave it an 8.0 out of 10. Stop spreading rumors. That would mean it hit a hundred, and an eighty

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strickers1056d ago (Edited 1056d ago )

Mostly 9s ? Are you only looking at sites with Xbox in the title? I'm seeing 7s+8s for proper sites.

Digital_Anomaly1056d ago

What constitutes a proper site? I guess if it doesn't say IGN or Gamespot it's garbage? Please...

strickers1056d ago (Edited 1056d ago )

I site with some credibility. Not "fanboy extreme super Xbox. I'm 12 and review games". Looking at professional sites I recognise, it's not getting 9s. Even Polygon stayed sub 9( just) and they love an Xbox .

Digital_Anomaly1056d ago

Hahaha... easy to criticize when you're on the sidelines.

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