Quantum Break Review: Remedial Masterpiece | Gaming Central

Gaming Central says, "Quantum Break is the Max Payne for this generation of Video Games. Excellent story telling, compelling narrative, and explosive action will keep you hooked from start till end."

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1053d ago Replies(2)
Krussail1053d ago

It's a solid game.. one of the finest I have played in years!

Playable_Gamez1053d ago

I hope it is man. This is the first game I ever preorder at full price digitally on consoles.

1053d ago
Mohammed16phantom1053d ago

Looks like it's the best game on xbox one

xfiles20991053d ago

Which is pretty sad it took this long to get a quality exclusive

Krussail1053d ago

Even sadder that it's an exclusive, with all the Windows store controversy surrounding it. The game should be experienced by more people.

Playable_Gamez1051d ago

Quality exclusives? So I guess Sunset, Horizon, and Ori are trash right?

xfiles20991051d ago

Ori is not an exclusive Sunset I know nothing about I will try it when it is available on GwG.