GTAIV DLC Rumored To Be Huge And Cost 1600 MS Points

Torrence Davis of The Bitbag writes, "Last night on the Warzone, Weapon X gave us the skinny on the GTAIV DLC. Here are the things he mentioned:

1. GTAIV DLC will arrive in late October or Early November
2. The DLC will be more like an expansion pack
3. It's rumored to cost 1600 MS points and will be very large

None of this is confirmed yet but Weapon X has some very good sources. Stay tuned for more info on this in the coming weeks."

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TheColbertinator5331d ago

I hope the DLC adds boats,planes,two more cities,a new story,less cellphone related missions,friends that you dont end up killing anyway,more guns,more interior environments,bigger rock soundtracks,country music stations,replayable side missions and all that DLC for free like it should have been from the beginning.If not...I will play Gears 2 and Resistance 2 then.

Freckler5331d ago (Edited 5331d ago )

You are not going to get those things for free, and I believe you knew that. There isn't a developer in existence that would give away 50mil dollars worth of content for free. $50mil is more than what it costs to develope, box, and ship alot of games.

I just thought of something, wasn't Vice City, and San Andreas considered expansions of GTA3? This content could go above and beyond expectation.

Gothdom5331d ago (Edited 5331d ago )

The closest I see is Criterion. Other devs should do like them. They offered alot of DLC and it was free.

boodybandit5331d ago

I kept my GTAIV copy was because of this DLC. I hope it will be worth the wait.

Shadow Man5331d ago

Same here. If it turns out to be a bunch of missions I'm gonna sell my copy.

lsujester5331d ago

I've already sold my copy, as it quickly got boring. Even if this DLC is a bunch of really fun stuff to do (jetpacks, tanks, REAL attack choppers), I'll just rent it to play the new stuff.

But being it's probably just more of the same old missions types, I likely won't have to.

StephanieBBB5331d ago

"There isn't a developer in existence that would give away 50mil dollars worth of content for free."

Playstation Home has cost 40 millon to make and it sure is free...

Max Power5331d ago

that home will remain free, because of the amount virtual advertisment that can be accomplished. I don't mean adverts that scroll to cover your screen, i mean billboards or possible hosted 'events'(i.e. wipout hd tourny hosted by Pepsi something along those lines)

Freckler5331d ago

Let's wait til it gets on the market, shall we? On a side note, Xbox Live cost over 2 billion to initially make.

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LoVeRSaMa5331d ago

Its a shame GTA 4 wasnt as much as a big hit as it should have been =]

I bet M$ are kicking themselves for spending afew million on this =D

IzKyD13315331d ago (Edited 5331d ago )

yeah, they really over estimated the popularity of GTA IV, it was number one in the charts for 1 month, and after that it didnt even make the top 10, they should have invested the 50 million into a new exclusive game, what would you rather have, a 2-4 hour expansion, or a full exclusive game?
and guess what, for MS to make a profit in their investment, 3 million+ people would have to download the DLC, and not to mention everyone with the arcade system CAN'T download it because they dont have the space

PirateThom5331d ago

Yeah, Microsoft wasted a ton, because they were expecting to ship a load of consoles, but it never happened on either platform. The only winner here has been Rockstar and Take Two who basically got money for nothing from Microsoft.

All the same, nice for anyone still playing the game.

AngryXbot5331d ago

Thats why MS is retarded.

Sony has tons of 1st party and 2nd party exclusives that are triple A. Cant buy those and they are unique and fresh.

System sellers for sure.

RoidRage5331d ago (Edited 5331d ago )

Sony kids acting like they could careless, when all of them are silently weeping into their diaries. Guess what, if you don't have a 360, it doesn't matter if you think GTA4 is old,sh*tty,boring, flirty, juicy, fat&horny, or what. You Won't Be Playing This Content, period. So you can get back to baking a cake and knitting a sweater, because there is no more GTA for you. MS takes care of it's gamers, Sony wants it's gamers to buy their movie format. You homo's backed the wrong pony.

alakazzam5331d ago

@ RoidRage you think ms take care of their gamers hahahahahaha. is that why they want to charge for a team fortress update which should be free. fair enough though id much rather have an expansion to boring gta iv than a new 1st party developer, oh by the way i was being sarcastic.

RoidRage5331d ago

Poor kid is so upset that he forgot that you PS3 p*ssies won't even have the option to pay for the TF2 update, Because You Won't Be Getting It Either Aaaahhhaaaahaaahahaha!!!

alakazzam5331d ago

for starters why do you call everyone kid, it makes me think that your a kid who has come on the internet trying to look like a man. are you actually on steroids, is your penis small and shrunk which is why your annoyed. but in all seriousness it would bode well for 360 owners if the ps3 was getting the update because sony wouldn't charge which would mean that consequently neither would M$. if i wanted the game i would buy it on pc.

RoidRage5331d ago

It would bode well for anyone that considers theirself a gamer to own a 360, it's that simple. I call people on here kids, because they act accordingly. And the fact that I can pick a 200pnd man up by the neck with one arm. I make a point to degrade any sony fanboy that thinks they should be trolling 360 articles. If you c*nts don't like it, stay where you belong, and we'll get along fine.

Rog Vader5331d ago (Edited 5331d ago )

Jesus you Sony guys are f*cking pathetic. GTA4 has sold over 10 million copies, and you guys don't think it's a success? GTA3 to date has sold 11m, Vice City 14m, San Andreas 17m. GTA4 hasn't even seen it's first Christmas. Not to mention GTA4 broke Halo 3's first week sales record. You guys need to get off Kaz Hirai's d*ck.

And AngryXbot, where are these mountains of 1st&2nd party AAA Ps3 titles. According to this, you're a f*cking liar.

pixelsword5331d ago (Edited 5331d ago )

... but that was before the game came out; now that it's out, We have other games to occupy out time with. On top of that, around that time, we'll be getting an improved version of Bioshock, Little Big Planet, and Resistance 2; which will be occupying our time until Killzone 2, Infamous, Heavy Rain, and other games comes out.

Besides, San Andreas was the best one anyways... This one was great, but SA is the king of the franchise, which is why it seems like Niko will be taking a visit there.

RoidRage5331d ago (Edited 5331d ago )

They don't care soooo much, that's why a whole army of them are crying around this story like little hurt puppies.

Oh look the little babies are disagreeing. It's too bad everyone can look through the comments and see that you are a crying little b*tch.

SpecialSauce5331d ago

here at the play station family mediocre games like gta iv don't interest us. while u xbots have nothing else to play i guess that's why ur so excited. i didn't even finish this game that's how boring it really is. i'll be enjoying the @ss loads of exclusives that will be coming out for the ps3 and u? u will have to settle for an expansion pack. hahaaaaaaaaaaaaahaaahaahaa!

Bangladesh5331d ago

Ignorance, flat stupidity, and being a liar must also be some things that run in the Playstation family.



As you can see, the 360 has more quality games than the PS3 and Wii combined. And not only that, but the 360 has more games with a meta score of 7 or higher, than there are total games in the PS3's entire library. And these aren't the combined scores of biased fanboys, these are the combined scores of people who are paid to review games.

It must be rough being as stupid as you are.

SpecialSauce5331d ago (Edited 5331d ago )

the 360 has been out much longer and has a much bigger game library because of this. but most of those good games on the xbox are old and boring. what i was saying is that this holiday season u will only have two major exclusives. while we will have far more. so enjoy ur expansion pack i'll be playing socom, rfom 2, killzone, LBP, motorstorm 2, and home as well. looks like u'll be bored at of ur mind with an expansion pack for a game every is already tired of and two games. and u'll be able to dress up ur [email protected] little cartoon dolls as well in your home wanna be update.

have fun :)

AngryTypingGuy5331d ago

Yeah, HUGE DLC to the highest selling game this generation, or possibly any, for $20. Gee, who would want that [rolls eyes]. Sony fans have been downplaying this for a long time because they wish they could play it. If the DLC storyline is anywhere near as good as the main storyline, then it'll be worth it.

Needless to say, I played the hell out of GTA, so I won't get the DLC right away, but I will get it.

Mr Bot5330d ago (Edited 5330d ago )

we the bots will be playing games that ps3 driods wish of getting, those games r Gear of war 1.4 and GTA4 DLC!!! by the way i played 10 hours of the game and thats as far as i got and i have doubts to play it every again!!

u loosers ps3 driods!! keep dreaming of getting our Gear of war 1.4, and we dont need Resistance 2 or motorstorm 2 or littlebigplanet!! because we r the real gamers and every real gamer never plays ps3 games!!

hahahahahhaha!! we the bots will buy gears of war 1.4 and will have the better sales this season!

Mr Bot

rekonizakilla5330d ago

Everybody on my friends list used to be on gta4. But after a game gets so much hype it's bound to disappoint . I think the biggest let down on gta4 was the online mode which should have been like burnout paradise. The fact of the matter is liberty city stories (multyplayer) was much more fun than gta4 online.

AngryTypingGuy5330d ago

Mr. Bot, don't forget about Left 4 Dead, that game will rule! And Gears 2 (that TWO) will indeed out sell everything else AND kick ass at the same time! And the GTA DLC? Hopefully another great storyline with more great game play.

frank jaeger5329d ago

hmm ok , but according to memory , u ps3 fan dudes said the same things bout countless games before? can u give me a 100% gaurentee than these games will deliver? and umm lets say u were wrong?

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SmokingMonkey5331d ago

i love GTA4 but that game is old news now, i already beat 100% with no cheats, so i am done with this game. Another 10% extra wont sell a 360 to me at least.

Freckler5331d ago

If you don't have a 360, the game is done for you whether you like it or not. So it's highly likely you're commenting because it sucks to only own a ps3.

nycredude5331d ago (Edited 5331d ago )

Let me disect pretty much every single one of you comments in one sentence.

"Xbox 360 is god and Ps3 sucks!"

Really though you tried so hard it is freaking lame. Stop being such a fanboy and just admit it the game sucked ass man compared to the older games. There are way too many games coming out for this to create much excitement, unless of course you only own an xbox 360.

See what I did there? Sounds familiar.

SmokingMonkey5331d ago (Edited 5331d ago )

so if you don't pay $50 then the game is done for YOU. I still play gta4 online and i would love some dlc ABOUT TWO MONTHS AGO
come september i'm going to be broke and struggling to decide between LBP SOCOM and R2 come November will anyone really care about GTA4? i would because i'm a diehard gta fan, but it's not enough to make me buy a 360

Josie295331d ago

I predict Fable 2 and Gears 2, both score higher than any game in the PS3's fall line up.

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poindat5331d ago (Edited 5331d ago )

Wow, seems like PS3 owners will be missing out on something huge. More reasons for me to pick up a 360 later this year, I guess.

What it seems like is Rockstar releasing half the game on both consoles and releasing the rest of it on one exclusivly. Oh well.

strotee5331d ago (Edited 5331d ago )

$20 ?

Edit: You changed your original post. You asked what 1600 credits is worth, hence my response.

poindat5331d ago (Edited 5331d ago )

NVM, double post.

poindat5331d ago (Edited 5331d ago )

Yeah, sorry, I was hoping nobody saw that.

I blame it on having to hit 'update comment' 100 times before it registered. This happening to anyone else?

poindat5331d ago (Edited 5331d ago )

Goddamit, sorry for the triple post. Its the "add reply" and "update comment" button.

RememberThe3575331d ago

Yep. All the f*cking time...

Hububla5331d ago

if the expansion is anything like the game that is... i too was waiting a long time for this game... i even left work early to get it and play it.. but i was very very disappointed.. the single player was boring and repetitive and the multi was well.. just boring... and repetitive.. i traded it in in the first month while i could still get max value for it.. and i dont know many people that still have this crap game sitting around.. so i wouldnt consider it a big loss...

Closing5331d ago

Honestly I'm sick of the franchise, and was sorry I bought it, and sold it 3 days after I purchased it. So even if it were a whole new game worth of content I could care less. I won't buy GTA 5 or anything Rockstar product again. They've kicked the same dead horse for long enough.

mfwahwah5331d ago

"What it seems like is Rockstar releasing half the game on both consoles and releasing the rest of it on one exclusivly. Oh well."

What it IS is that MS paid Rockstar $50 million for exclusive DLC. It's also not "half the game," it's an expansion / DLC. It's not a big deal.

Except for fanboys and hardcore GTA fans obviously.

CptBach5330d ago

"Wow, seems like PS3 owners will be missing out on something huge. More reasons for me to pick up a 360 later this year, I guess.

What it seems like is Rockstar releasing half the game on both consoles and releasing the rest of it on one exclusivly. Oh well."

HAHAHAAHAHAH you can't be serious... "PS3 owners will be missing out on something huge" hahah
And HUGE would be GTAIV DLC? ROFL Get a life man... I played the game for 20 hours and then kept it on my shelf. The game is so overrated.

osler1095327d ago

It's a bummer this "reason to buy a 360" is coming after a majority have lost all interest in the game, more missions, wooooo. I have a 360 and sadly I don't see anything turning the current trend around. 360, down down down, PS3, up up up.

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