Should Nintendo Move Away From Consoles?

ThisGenGaming says "Nintendo tends to hit rough patches when it comes to consoles. We’ve seen it with early systems like the Gamecube, and now with more modern systems like the Wii U. For Nintendo, history really does repeat itself. Nintendo’s history of making unsuccessful consoles has led many to believe that Nintendo should just give up consoles all together and stick to handheld."

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TheGreatGamer1051d ago

If the NX is a failure then I might find myself agreeing, even though it saddens me since I grew up with Nintendo consoles

3-4-51050d ago

This is a dumb headline and article.

No they shouldn't.

When you are one of 3 people in any kind of business, you don't leave that market.

That would be a terrible business decision.

It's more that some people WANT this and writer about it obsessively over and over again.

It's weird.

Nintendo is fine.

LOL_WUT1051d ago

Yes, it's evident that Nintendo has lost its touch on how to make a good home console. This unhealthy obsession with wanting to be "different" is what's causing them all these troubles. It also doesn't help when you have individuals cheering them on which will only hurt the company in the long run.

I would like to see what new ideas Nintendo could come up with as a 3rd party developer. With that said handleds is THEIR thing. ;)

Hoffmann1051d ago

Yes. And they should have moved away back in 2012 already.

Cy1051d ago

Yes. Go the Sega route and turn into a game dev studio/publisher only.

WackoDaSniper1051d ago

yes and publish games to ps4/xb1/pc

GhostTurtle1051d ago

IMO if Nintendo ever stepped out of the console biz for a bit, they would only bring games to PC. Can't imagine then ever going to the other two.

Drithe1051d ago

Going to other consoles killed Sega. Well that and their bad games.

Nintendo first party games will always sell systems. They are just that good and fun to play. This might be Nintendo's last console if it doesnt do well. But it it does do well, then you can pretty much kiss MS and the Xbox console goodbye. With Sony pretty much wiping the floor with them, it could be all but over for Xbox.

zerocarnage1051d ago

Are you for real, what kind of an absurd comment was that.

You need your head checking if you think that would be the end of Microsoft and it'd be all over for them if Nintendo's new machine does well or because Sony's ps4 has beaten them on sales.

I think someone beat your head in way to much to make a statement like that.

There are millions playing Xbox one .The support is there and Microsoft have already stated the next console is being researched and developed.

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The story is too old to be commented.