GC'08 The Sims 3 Video Presentation

EA's Sims 3 presentation from the 2008 Games Convention.
Interact with any item, anywhere, anytime.

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SpecialSauce3708d ago

maybe he was embarrassed because the game he's presenting is garbage.

JohnnyMann4203707d ago (Edited 3707d ago )

Well he confirmed for me what I got from the trailer. It's a seamless world where you can actually become a celebrity or actually known for your career choice.

I wonder if you choose a criminal career path you can actually sneak into Sims houses and take belongings....c'mon that would rock.

Very friggen interesting.

If there is actual open (drop-in/drop-out) for multiple people (at least 8) then this game will dominate (as if it wouldn't already)

Imagine creating homes, etc with a friend or being an a$$ walking around and harassing local sims with a buddy.... that would be fun as hell.

shazam3707d ago

i just torrent these games to make sexy female sims and watch them walk around in there underwear. but thats only fun for about 10 minutes so i end up uninstalling shortly after.