Microsoft Is Making All The Right Moves For The Future Of Evolutionary Consoles

ThisGenGaming says "In the last couple of days it’s been the heavily rumoured ‘PS4K’ that’s been stealing the headlines but Microsoft have been working towards this scenario of upgraded console hardware since the introduction of Windows 10 and they’re well placed and well prepared if indeed evolutionary consoles are the future of the game console market."

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YinYangGaming1056d ago

Yeah UWP puts them in a good position

TheGreatGamer1056d ago

Even with a the rumours I'm still not sure if MS and Sony will release upgraded hardware

ArchangelMike1056d ago

I think they will at least release slim versions of their respective consoles, but it remains to be seen how much the internal will really change. I'd hate for them to split the userbase and end up with games being compatible with the PS4k but not the standard PS4.

Letthewookiewin1056d ago (Edited 1056d ago )

For the thousandth time that's not going to happen. Both systems will get a refresh, it won't fragment players because when devs make a game they make one with lower graphical settings and when the game is played on the updated system you get bumped up to better graphical settings, same API, same OS. MS and Sony aren't stupid, they will keep the architecture the same so there won't be any fuss from devs. If you want a boost in graphical fidelity, upgrade, if not then keep what you have, your still buying the same game in the end. If you disagree with this let me know why.

donthate1056d ago

Why would anyone give up 40+ million users to target just the latest?

That will only happen when the old hardware is old and is no longer viable to support like say PS3.

Necr0philiac1056d ago

The problem I see with upgraded consoles. These consoles are weak right now but developers do there best to make the highest fidelity graphics they can on these low end systems. If a upgraded console came out they wont care as much how it looks on the lower end version.

I would love to see upgraded consoles as long they made it possible to upgrade or use add ons to the current model.

Pogmathoin1056d ago

As consoles fell behind spec wise, developers learned how to squeeze even better performances from them, resulting in incredible looking, performing games...... Going the 4.5 route is lazy and insulting to those who bought into your original vision. If this happens, it will par with the DRM move by MS, and of course the sheepish fanboys will buy into it....

MachuchalBrotha3161056d ago

@necro, what? I'm sure developers would be happier with more powerful hardware. I would assume its harder to develop for underpowered tech. Because you always have to tinker or sacrifice just to get things to run proper. With more powerful tech this issues are not as bad, or easier to work around. But I'm no tech wizard and completely just spewed that out my _ _ _. Good day.

Necr0philiac1056d ago

I don't know what you are responding to? Did you even read or understand my comment?

Pogmathoin1056d ago

What i see is Sony telling 40 million people they have no faith in it weak piece of crap console, and will now really be about $ony and fleece the fools who follow....

DeadlyFire1056d ago (Edited 1056d ago )

I think what they are really trying to say is that they are sticking with x86 and they wont change much else except new hardware every 5 to 7 years. Meaning everything will be backwards compatible on the new hardware.

PS4k is PS5. Just evaluate the rumor. 2 games hinted for it. Which could be 2 or 3 years away from releasing. Power unlike any other system. Its official announcement months away. Launch not likely until 2017 or 2018. After NX launch so new gen platform.

martinnatalex1056d ago

I'm thinking the new consoles will be slim revisions with 30-50% more power for 720/900p games to play at 1080p and for VR, 90fps. Add in 4k video playback and it's not really a huge upgrade. Especially for PS4 gamers. The lowest they play at is 900p anyway.

I fail to see how such a revision would split gamers.

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343_Guilty_Spark1056d ago

I wouldn't count MS out from doing it. They are lining up all the software, features,universal APIs and universal platform , backwards compatibility etc etc... All that is missing is stronger hardware.

Sony is launching a 4k Blu-ray update.

dreadz741056d ago

Naw the question is when 2016 or 2017?

DeadlyFire1056d ago (Edited 1056d ago )

2017 or 2018 at the earliest. 2018 most likely. But dont expect a .5 system

phoenixwing1056d ago

it's so foolish to release upgraded hardware, you fragment your user base and you waste money on consoles when it's the software sales that make you the real coinage.

KwietStorm1056d ago (Edited 1056d ago )

With the cheap components in these consoles and the rate they're selling at, I'm sure hardware isn't a problem for their profitability.

ArchangelMike1056d ago

I agree with you completely. But I can see how they are trying to stay competitive when PC hardware is accelarating at a much faster pace than console hardware. It's much cheaper to make minor upgrades to the console, than to release a brand new console. I just hope this practice doesn;t become to standard wher we have to buy new consoles every 2-3 years.

JasonKCK1056d ago

How can it be fragmented if it's a universal platform? That makes zero sense.

343_Guilty_Spark1056d ago

How do you fragment the base if your game scales to hardware at the low and high end?

phoenixwing1056d ago

to those asking how it fragments that is easily explained. There will be production compromises made for either the low end or the high end because the companies will have to spend money optimizing more than one platform. They'll only optimize one really well while another is on the back burner. It will happen.

fanboysmackdown1056d ago

Do you also whine when your sister gets a bigger slice of cake for desert?

_-EDMIX-_1056d ago

Depends on how its done. They could literally restrict developers from making games that are ONLY for those platforms and only allow them to upgrade certain features, but the game must still be a PS4 or XONE game.

Thus, the market is not fragmented. The game can be played on PS4 or XONE and PS4.5 and XONE.5 or what ever but just at better frames or something.

I'm sure Sony and MS will restrict certain things to keep the market balanced and to be able to still have developers make money on all fronts.

It can actually be done if someone clearly makes it known that those platforms can't be used to make games exclusively for. It might sound as if that helps Sony or MS but it actually hurts them more then helps.

I don't see it as staying competitive with PC as PC isn't even in the equation...literally, MOST PC's are not elite high end units, I see this as them seeking to continue to move units at the $400 price point, while lowering the existing PS4's or PS4 slims to a lower price point, they are cratering to an install base that might buy at $400 still if they have advantages all while maintaining the install base as a whole.

I think it can work if done a certain way.

fanboysmackdown1056d ago

Your comment is foolish and if you don't like the's an option, don't buy the upgraded version. I'm all for it.

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SteamPowered1056d ago

So odd that Microsoft is allegedly making the Console upgradeable in the next iteration, and yet they are trying to push PC ecosystem into becoming more like consoles.
Microsoft is having an identity crisis and is alienating both the PC and Console crowd. Console gamers arent keen on Xbox games coming to PC, and PC gamers want the freedom to game as they always have.
Microsoft and their UWP megalomania isnt winning me over.

JasonKCK1056d ago

"Microsoft and their UWP megalomania isnt winning me over"

That's obvious with that name.

TheCommentator1056d ago

In the long run, PC and Xbox will become synonymous with one another. It'll be like choosing an automatic or a manual when buying a car. You're fooling yourself if you believe that PC gamers are gaming like they always have. What did they game like before the internet? What did they game like before Steam? What did they game like before they could play on their TV's from the couch? PC is constantly evolving, and so is console gaming, so rather than alienating either group it is unifying them into a single platform.

MCTJim1056d ago

I disagree. From all of the conferences as of today, its an open ecosystem. From Win32 to UWA to buy anywhere from any store..including steam.

freshslicepizza1056d ago

from the article,
"I find it difficult to comprehend why so many gamers are opposed to the idea of evolutionary consoles."

it's called afraid of change.

SteamPowered1056d ago

Why not just build a PC if you want a console that can evolve with your needs?

freshslicepizza1056d ago


because building a pc requires more than what consoles offer and will probably cost you more money. it also sounds like these will be closed boxes, hence phil's comments about not needing a screwdriver. pc's also won't play all pc games and run into compatible issues, this would be designed to work out of the box to work with all games for it.

it's basically taking some of what people enjoy about pc's (the ability to get better hardware without having to rebuy the same software) and the convenience of knowing it will all run out of the box (plig and play).

"Change for the sake of change is stupid. Assuming that any change is good change is equally stupid."

then don't buy it. see how simple that is? not once did phil hint at fragmenting the systems to make games incompatible with one another.

Imalwaysright1056d ago

And why not play console exclusives with at the very least better framerate?

freshslicepizza1056d ago

"And why not play console exclusives with at the very least better framerate?"

why is that relevant? we already have console exclusives that suffer from frame rates that are not on the pc or other platforms. we already have console exclusives that have to be toned down to less than 60fps and less than 1080p without concessions being made for better hardware somewhere else.

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