411: Nascar 09 Review

411Mania Writes:

Let me tell you, I walked into this game with a very poor attitude. EA, however, have produced a quality game that despite even my personal feelings toward the genre, created a fantastic game that is loads of fun and impressive enough for me to play quite a lot. I won't be keeping it around, but I'll remember to give NASCAR 2010 a try.

Without a doubt, this game is the best racing game I've ever played. Trust me, I've played a lot. Over the years I have tried to enjoy racing games. I really have. From Pole Position to Cruisin' USA to Grand Theft Auto – I've tried them all. This game gives me hope that some day an absolutely amazing racing game might come out. One that is so realistic it'll blow your mind. Until then, NASCAR 09 is the closest you can come to perfection in a racing game.

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