Resident Evil 6: The Mercenaries Gameplay Video (PS4)

A Short Pause contributor plays through a round of Resident Evil 6's The Mercenaries mode on PlayStation 4

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tazmeah1056d ago

It's amazing how going from 30fps to 60fps can give some of these older games a really fresh look. I never played RE6 simply because I heard it was more action-oriented than RE5 which I didn't care for either. I hope some day we see a RE7 and it takes the series back to its roots.

TheDude791056d ago

I was completely turned off by the RE6 demo when it first launched on PS3/XB360 years back, and I never even played the game. I decided to pick this up to give it a fair shake, and so far, Leon's story has been OK. Hoping the other stories are good as well. Love me some Mercenaries mode though!

KyRo1055d ago

I enjoyed Leon's story. It felt RE-ish. You're about to be massively dissapointed with the other two campaigns though...

Kyosuke_Sanada1055d ago

The Mercenaries mode in Resident Evil 6 was actually fun as hell and I loved playing as Hunk. Everything else however felt questionable for me......