What are Incursions in Tom Clancy's The Division? Ubisoft drops 1.1 update news

Gamers have had plenty of time to disappear into the immersive world of New York City, but now Ubisoft is ready to detail one of the first pieces of new content coming to Tom Clancy's The Division, Incursions.

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whitesoxfalife19761052d ago

i like that too i be getn a lot of loot i be wanting to trade off....but they have 2 hrs to get it tho.....seems ok on the surface

cleft51052d ago

I love The Division, but I took a break from it recently to not get burnt out. I found myself hitting that wall of being tired of grinding and getting bored. This is just in time to vanish that boredom. I am really looking forward to this content.

Chaosdreams1052d ago

Sounds like a solid update. I wonder how the drones is going to work though.

InFAMOUS11052d ago

Perhaps how they were shown off in early gameplay. Controlled from a tablet by a friend or what have you.. Or, will be a tech/security ability.

Ozmoses1052d ago (Edited 1052d ago )

the update I saw on the UBI Blog had a GIF with one of the flying drones in it attacking the player.

@InFAMOUS1 I believe you might be confused... Nothing I read said anything about the "Aerial Drones" being an item/skill that we the "player" use.

"• Enemies can now employ drones, aerial enemies that will be tricky to hit. You’ll also be pitted against an armored personnel carrier, which acts as a boss and is impervious to bullets, forcing you to find another way to deal with it."

The last bullet point with the drones is definitely refering to enemies in the new incursion (Last Falcon) being able to use them.

InFAMOUS11052d ago

ahhhhhh! Didn't watch/read anything other than quick notes and Reddit comments. Sounds fun. Challenging will be even more ridiculous.

Omeganex99991052d ago

What, same day as Destiny's new update? I see what they did there.