Senran Kagura Estival Versus Review "Boobs, Booties and Blades" | MGL

BOOBS WARNING! There are some rather sexualised images taken from the review of this rather unusually fun game that David has reviewed for MGL.

"It’s a good game, and it knows its audience. It embraces what it is, but it is, without a doubt, an acquired taste. There’s no mass appeal here. It takes a niche gameplay style and adds an even more niche visual style."

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GrimDragon1056d ago

Seriously though, nude is nude and drawings are drawings. I’m not going to tell you how to feel about it, but I found it comical outside of a few problematic stage finishers, like trapping a nude crying girl in a cage. I’m not going to say that it bothered me, never mind that it offended me, because it didn’t, but it’s not something I could easily recommend to somebody as a result and think nothing of it. To do so would be chosen ignorance of another’s possible perspective, and failing as a reviewer.""

Dam look at what reviewers have to do now just to appease and not offend the fem justice warriors.
One day this bs will be seen for what it really is and those throwing tantrums about sexist games will go back to the deep dark gutter they were born in.