PS4 Exclusive The King of Fighters XIV Gets New Trailer: Geese Howard and Ryo Sakazaki Return

It’s time for another trailer of The King of Fighters XIV, and this time it’s a big one, as it marks the return of two important characters.

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Sefiros1056d ago

This new trailer showcases the power of two very imortant characters in their franchises. Geese Howard was the antagonist of the first King Of Fighters video game. He was behind the murder of protagonist Terry Bogard's father, and made a brief cameo in the Fatal Fury: The Motion Picture animated film where he decimates the entire area with his energy attack.

Geese is not very impressive in the trailer's first half, simply throwing his opponent around. It's not until Ryo Sakazaki enters the picture that Geese gets serious, actually punching and kicking his opponent.

Ryo, on the other hand, looks like Ken from Street Fighter. He shows more versatility than Geese, displaying various kicks and punches -- including a double flying kick that is familiar to joke Street Fighter character Dan. Geese is the muscle and Ryo is the skill, but these characters' importance stems from their importance within their franchises. Hopefully the game has more surprises in store.

Kyosuke_Sanada1056d ago

Ill have to kindly disagree about "skill and muscle" factor when it comes to Geese. Geese actually is actually a way more skilled character than Ryo but focuses on defense gameplay wise.

Also the attack he used in the movie was the Raising Storm. Im not trying to sound like a smart ass mind you just trying to help fill in a few things you've missed. :)

Master of Unlocking1052d ago

Actually Mr Howard was the antagonist of the Fatal Fury games, not the king of fighters. He disappeared in the second game Fatal Fury 2, seemingly dead, but came back in Fatal Fury Special with a vengeance, was reported dead again after Fatal Fury 3 but came back in Real Bout Fatal Fury (but this game is considered non canon in the series), and even in Real Bout Special as a dead spirit (!) you could fight against if you had done particularly well, lol
He then came back in Real Bout 2 the newcomers, but that game is considered non canon as well.
And he made a surprise appearance at the end of Art of Fighting 2 in younger form.

In Real Bout especially the guy's a tough nut to crack, which should come as no surprise given the number of times he should've died after being kicked out of the balcony in his estate.

He's quite simply one of the best character ever created in a fighting game, with his parades, or "ateminage" [ah-tay-me-nah-gay]that can allow a really skilled player to remain virtually untouched during a fight.
His stages and fight musics particularly made very strong impressions back in the day.
here are the 2 main ones in arranged versions:

Kyosuke_Sanada1056d ago

-says in Terry's voice-


Knushwood Butt1055d ago (Edited 1055d ago )

Rising Storm!!!

Plus he's got that move from the FF games where he picks the opponent off the floor when downed for bonus damage.

Ryo even has the 'bowling alley strike' type sound effect from '94.

This gets better with every trailer.

Hoffmann1055d ago (Edited 1055d ago )

Isnt it Raging Storm? ;P

And those bowling strike sounds go back to the first art of fighting...back in 1992 I think ;)

Knushwood Butt1055d ago

Pretty sure it is rising storm, but you are probably right about the AOF games. Never really played them. '94 and Samurai Showdown were the games that got me into SNK

Hoffmann1055d ago

go to the wikipedia and type in raging storm ;)

Knushwood Butt1055d ago

I think... you might be right :-)

windmill1451055d ago

Can't believe nobody is talking about Joe Higashi appearance at 0:19.
That makes it 3 confirm characters in this trailer

DivineAssault 1055d ago (Edited 1055d ago )

This game looks great.. Not the best graphically but the amount of characters is going to be insane as well as the gameplay.. It still looks good but i would love for some hand drawn HD work one day...

Guilty Gear handled the polygon work very VERY well.. Its close to that hand drawn look and wouldve been awesome in this.. Still, if it plays well, ill be good.. KOF is back finally!