Final Fantasy XV Gets Two Fantastic Trailers From Japan: Pays Homage to Final Fantasy VII to XIV

Today Square Enix and Sony Computer Entertainment released two trailers for Final Fantasy XV, one is a rare 60 second TV commercial (like in the west, TV commercials are normally 30 or 15 seconds in Japan). The other is a "special" commercial lasting three minutes and paying homage to the legacy of the series.

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FallenAngel19841057d ago

Not being "final" since 1987.

Damien18011056d ago

''Final Fantasy''

A game series that doesn't understand the definition of the word ''Final''.

Furesis1056d ago

well it was supposed to be their final game that's why they called it final fantasy but it sold well and they just kept making more

leahcim1056d ago

that samurai fight looks so amazing and epic!!!!

seriously cannot wait.

I am so happy that Hajime Tabata was in charge of this project he is a genious!