80GB PS3 arrives early in UK

Sony has told MCV that the introduction of its new 80GB PS3 will rapidly push up demand for the console – as it brings the launch date forward a week to this Friday (August 22nd).

Following its flurry of announcements at the Leipzig Game Convention last night, SCE UK boss Ray Maguire told MCV that the platform holder is very confident in its new SKU – as it goes head-to-head with Microsoft's 120GB 360 Elite and newly launched 60GB Xbox 360 Pro.

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dro3707d ago (Edited 3707d ago )

the end of the year will be very intresting !!! to tell u the truth i cannot see who will out sell who with this sku. both deals are hard to let pass.

Cwalat3707d ago

80GB 399euros

160GB 449euros

i already have PS3 but if i didn't.. i would get the 160 GB version..

aggh im on fire3707d ago

Stop messin with the drives Sony and give us a price drop you cheap bastards then watch your sales rocket.

ICUP3707d ago

Agree! 50 bones would be nice.

Time_Is_On_My_Side3707d ago

It's too early for a price drop it hasn't even been two years yet it's the consumers being cheap. How many pirated DVDs have been sold in the last two months let alone the whole year. Consumers need to understand that people need to get paid for what they do.

THC CELL3707d ago

no matter what happens i will never part from my 60 gig just upgrade

i will be buying 3 of these soon
1 wife for home and lbp
1 for brother who loves socom
and other brother who loves resistance

that is a few bones good job i work for Game store

trancefreak3707d ago

Yo man if my 60gb breaks ill pay Sony to fix it. Its collectible IMO and well worth the repair costs.

Cajun Chicken3707d ago

The UK 60gb is amazing.
I feel sorry for those who missed out.

trancefreak3707d ago

the next ps3 i get will be when they sell at a mass market pricing or if Sony makes a slim till then Im good.

aggh im on fire3705d ago

I fail to see what pirated dvds have to do with console prices. Consoles make money off software not hardware, the more consoles in a home the more software they shift.
If they kept to the 40gig model they could have knocked the price down to encorage sales. the average consumer is still put off by that price tag.
And i agree people need to get paid for what they do which is why i only buy originals but that harware price is still to high for the mass market.

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