Hopes and Fears for LittleBigPlanet

LittleBigPlanet faces a big challenge with its eventual October release. For an original IP, the cute little platformer-that-can has generated more hype in gaming circles than even Spore. All game developers would want that hype to generate sales and excitement for their game, but too much hype can cause serious fallout among gamers after the actual release.

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SpecialSauce3797d ago

i hope xbots aren't to jealouse
i fear i will play this game way tooooooo much

theKiller3796d ago

i have never heard of spore?? so how dare them compare LBP to spore??
and way wats it spore??

LBP will rule the world on top of the bots, while the bots will be slaves for this game LOL!!

why so serious bots??

Droid3796d ago

don't you mean the game is for sick pedos?

chewy3173796d ago

This article is bull... How can they say Metal gear solid 4 didnt live up to the hype. =0

Metal gear solid 4 is now currently the best looking game in consoles and practically the best game on the consoles =0.

SmokingMonkey3796d ago

why? because most user's wont be able to make good levels? Those same users that can't figure out LBP's cut and past editor are just lazy, but they do however exist...why will they like LBP? Because of hundreds of thousands of CREATIVE users that WILL be playing LBP will be able to "publish" their levels online for all those lazy users to enjoy ENDLESS gameplay.

n4gzz3796d ago

i am one of the Lazy gamer. I won't be creating anything 'coz creativity is just not me. But I will surely enjoy other's hard work :D

slave2Dcontroller3796d ago (Edited 3796d ago )

The author makes some good points and has some valid concerns. However I think alot of articles tend to focus more on the hype factor and less on the important factors like the GENUINE interest that Gamers have garnered for this IP.

What this game has going for it is mass appeal. People really like Sackboy, he has the ability to make people smile and thats what so special about it. Its also a unique experience all together and thats important and is also a major contributing factor to its overall appeal.

I guess what alot people aren't considering is that; in a world of Killzone2's MGS4's and Gears Of War2's(ALL Amazing IP's BTW), its GREAT to have something completely out of left field and something completely unseen before within the grasp of the "Open Minded Gamers" LBP is a breath of fresh air and that alone is another good reason for us to be excited.

Regardless to what, LBP will be met with harsh criticizms from some who will call it kiddy or as some author put it "LBP is a poor mans Spore" rather it gets a score of a 2 or perfect 10. Just looked at how people complained about the cut scenes in MGS4(I personally love them) despite its rave reviews and excellent sales.

My point is- you can please some of the people some of the time but you can never please all of the people all of the time. My guess is that LBP will please ALOT of people but not everyone and thats just fine. Little Big Planet is a Day one purchase for me and not because of the hype but rather sheer excitement, interest, and anticipation for something new and OH SO KEWL!

SmokingMonkey3796d ago (Edited 3796d ago )

my favorite complaint about LBP is that it's childish?!
I can make horrible, unspeakable things in LBP, and i plan on it. Nothing pornographic, but you can make some demons and make some pretty obscene things if you put your mind to it.
LBP is what you make of it.


jwatt3796d ago

Yea I agree there is going to be some people that don't like the game and want to criticize it.

I think the game will be a success if people can actually create some good levels regardless if it's difficult or easy to create them. This game could rely heavily on the community if you can get alot of creative minds from people across the world the better. So more hype for this game is good because I think the majority is going to be satisfied with LBP and of course there is always going to be the few that just don't get it.

Presentist3796d ago

More hype then SPORE?


etownone3796d ago

banjo is going to kick it's azz at 39 bucks!!

Too_Hyped3796d ago

no it will suck. Still, reported as off topic.

AIi_The_Brit3796d ago

you know its bad by how cheap there making it

i sense desperation

meepmoopmeep3796d ago

i fear i won't get to play my PS3 because my daughter and her friends will slit my throat if i bother them while they're on it

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