Red Dead Redemption Could Be The Next Backward Compatible Title After Xbox App Leak

ThisGenGaming says "The Xbox App may have just accidentally leaked the next three backwards compatible titles for the Xbox One which includes Red Dead Redemption"

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1518d ago Replies(1)
Rookie_Monster1518d ago (Edited 1518d ago )

I already got the game months ago when it was leaked. Of course it is coming just like L4D2, Halo Wars,Castlevania and Tekken Tag 2.
All were already made BC. Megaton

KiwiViper851518d ago

i must've missed the castlevania announcement. are we talking lords of shadows or symphony of the night?

Monster_Tard1518d ago

It's Symphony of the Night.

Kornholic1518d ago

If there's a game that deserves to be properly remastered, it's Red Dead Redemption.

kraenk121518d ago

I agree...and please add the obligatory PC version! A man can dream, right?!

Perjoss1518d ago

I've been playing it again this week, and it still holds up so well, the only thing I'd have them change is the aiming as it feel a bit stiff compared to GTAV and other recent shooters.

SunnyZ1518d ago

We just want it on PC please :)