Stunning Final Fantasy XV Trailer Showcases a Beautiful World

The Uncovered: Final Fantasy XV event is in full swing, and Square Enix released a trailer showcasing the world of the game.

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no_more_heroes1057d ago

Am I the only one that sees this game struggling to hold 30fps? The graphics in this game are insane!

TheOneWhoIsTornApart1057d ago

This isn't direct feed which is why it looks like that. This is from the live stream which was a bit choppy.

Eonjay1056d ago

It looks so damn good

Pathogenic1056d ago

I'm floored by this video and I want to see more. Like now. Wow I just want to play it now.

mogwaii1056d ago

The first city scene i thought was tokyo somewhere and it was gonna segway from the studio to footage....then i realised it was all in game environments, faaark!