Project CARS Game of the Year Edition Release Date Revealed for PS4, Xbox One & PC

Project CARS Game of the Year Edition will be available on May 6 in North America and Europe for PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC.

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TheColbertinator1053d ago

Awesome game. Really surprised at what Slightly Mad built

I3loggs241053d ago

Hate the fact that the team has already moved onto Project Cars 2, Unless PC2 is revolutionary better then PC1, then i'm going to call this a blatant money grab.
Saying that, Project cars is such a great racing simulator, and has so much potential.

Eyesoftheraven1053d ago

The only thing unusual about it is the fact it was revealed so soon and in a very relaxed, unprofessional manner. Many sequels head right into development after a short break for employees to live their lives a bit.

I3loggs241053d ago (Edited 1053d ago )

Yeah for campaign/story style games. However Project cars is a simulator style game that can be improved and expanded upon for years to come until a new engine becomes necessary.
As I said before, what is going to be so different in PC2 over PC1? It would need to be on a whole new level to justify a whole new game, and not just basically the same game with extra cars and extra tracks which could be easily sold as DLC for PC1.

I'll completely give them a pass if PC2 is being built to challenge the next Gran Turismo.

WeAreLegion1053d ago

Who gave it GOTY? The director's mom?

Kingoftherodeo1053d ago

still not forza horizon 2 good

Eyesoftheraven1053d ago

How is the addon pack with all the additional content for current owners of the vanilla game only $5? All the DLC on Steam right now is $48...

Dark_Vendetta1053d ago

"They then confirmed that a Game of the Year Add-On Pack for current Project CARS owners WILL be released on May 6 for $5", guess that's your answer ;)