Wii U, We Hardly Knew Wii | 1P vs. 2P Podcast Ep. 43

The hosts discuss how Nintendo may cut off Wii U production this year, which games will launch withe Oculus Rift, and the SaGa Frontier (PS1) release this week 18 years ago. Plus, the episode covers this week's new video game releases, gaming announcements, and more.

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affrogamer2076d ago

Wii U, Wii hardly knew U!

wonderfulmonkeyman2076d ago

That's right, internet. Keep ignoring the fact that Nintendo said they aren't cutting off production this year.
Anything for clicks, I swear...

Computersaysno2076d ago

Would anyone even notice if they did?

Phunkydiabetic12076d ago

Thry might as well, put this piece of shit out of its misery.

quent2075d ago

If the Ps4k and XB1.5 is anything to go by I'd say the wiiu, a system made almost exclusively for nintendo software has lasted quite a long time.