Hardware sales figures falsely attributed to NPD

Today a number of popular gaming websites reported on a video segment from CNBC, which talks about the video game industry and holiday sales. The gaming sites claimed that from November through the December holiday period that 2 million Xbox 360s were sold, followed by 1.8 million Wiis and 750,000 PS3s. These figures, however, were falsely attributed to The NPD Group.

NPD's David Riley informed GameDaily BIZ, "Recent media reports erroneously cited The NPD Group as having provided to CNBC December '06 retail sales for the video game industry. Although the specific CNBC segment included NPD's November '06 console hardware install base sales figures, there were no sales figures or forecasts from NPD for December 2006. NPD's December/Year-End sales data will become available Jan 11."

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PS360PCROCKS6411d ago

wow and look at how posted this lovely news...I probably could have guessed with my eyes closed...anyways it doesn't matter where the figures came from...because their most likely pretty close to what happened...

calderra6411d ago

Agreed. But if NPD is making such a fuss, does that mean their results are different enough to justify some furor? Dun dun duuunn... (probably not).

FeralPhoenix6411d ago

He posted legitimate news, that INFORMS gamers of corrections to earlier news....so it doesn't matter who posted the news, otherwise you may be accused of commenting that way because you don't like what the news says.....I think when you said that it doesn't matter because the numbers are likely to be very close is the actually a legitimate statement.

TheMART6411d ago

Maybe 360 sold even over 2 million then! haha

Microsoft Master6411d ago

Yes we will dream Odiah. The Xbox 360 is in a supremely good position, better than anyone had hoped or were expecting. Whatever the numbers 360 sold, it was more than the PS3's meagre 800,000 units or so.

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