[How-To]: Whiten Your Old Consoles with Retrobrite Gel

Hey Poor Player's Kevin Chapman demonstrates how to get your classic consoles looking good as new with the power of Retrobrite.

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PixelGateUk1052d ago

I'd be far too nervous to try this

derkasan1052d ago

I'd imagine it's not so bad, since it's just the outer shell.

dead_pixels1052d ago

It's pretty tough to do with a PC Engine CD unit because there are 3 boards soldered together that you have to disassemble. NEC always makes working on their hardware a nightmare.

chapsy1052d ago

It really depends on what system you're working on. Things like an NES or SNES are really easy to take apart, whereas the PC Engine stuff I took apart for the article wasn't exactly covered in depth online. I had to guess my way through taking the Interface Unit apart and take plenty of pictures to be sure I put everything back together again properly. I had to mess with the CD unit a few times since it wouldn't spin up when I first put it back together. It turned out a ribbon cable wasn't properly seated, so if you're taking your console apart for the first time be sure to read up on it thoroughly so you know what you're working with!

As for the whitening process itself, it's very low risk. The mixture is easy to make, and you just coat the parts and let the sun do its job. Just be sure to thoroughly rinse the gel off all the parts when you're done and you won't have any problems.

EvilAsh1052d ago

Nice! I have a stack of yellow Super Nintendos I can try this on. Thanks for the step-by-step!

DiscoKid1052d ago

Used it on my black PS4. It has vitiligo now...

dead_pixels1052d ago

Thanks for that. Now my sinuses are on fire and I'm mopping up coffee from my monitor's screen!

DivineAssault 1052d ago

Luckily for me, none of my retro consoles yellowed.. I know people who have them and dont smoke or anything but their consoles still get that horrible stain..

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