Destiny April Update Livestream Images

Skewed and Reviewed have posted several images from the recent April update livestream. The images show new weapon, costume, and vehicle designs.

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Garethvk1665d ago

I wonder if they will announce a Destiny sequel down the road or just keep doing the big updates. Despite what people say, Activision will be at E3 they just will not have a booth as they usually do and I wonder what they will show for Destiny.

Jmanzare1665d ago

They already announced the sequel is coming next year and a large expansion for destiny one coming at the end of this year. At e3 they will most likely talk about the expansion if anything.

Garethvk1665d ago

Thank you. I should have worded it better to say how much of and such.

Alexious1665d ago

Destiny 2 is definitely coming next year.