Shroud of the Avatar Gives Backers a World for Digital Goods, And Not Much Else

Joanna Mueller writes: "These aren't modest pledges either, backer reward tiers went all the way up to $10,000, which at least 2 people paid. I'm a bit amazed by how much Portalarium is able to convince people to keep shelling out just to participate in their increasingly MMO driven world. It's a testament to Garriott's notoriety that people keep supporting Shroud of the Avatar. Any other developer would be accused of running a scam at this point."

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garyanderson984d ago

Nice followup, the whole thing looks like a giant mess.

kabalyero983d ago

I believe those who spent thousands are those who truly want to help develop the game... I also believe they know what they are getting into...

I only pledged the minimum and I'm enjoying the game for what it is... you don't actually need to spend thousands to enjoy the game... the minimum is enough... you'll get the entire episode 1 story and even get those exclusive items in OFFLINE mode...