Final Fantasy XV's Release Date Leaked Early by GameSpot (Spoilers)

Unfortunately you aren’t going to be surprised tonight by the release date of Final Fantasy XV. In a day that has been characterized by leaks, what’s probably the most important information was leaked on YouTube by GameSpot.

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Rimgal1054d ago (Edited 1054d ago )

Someone is going to be fired at gamespot.

The video is private now. But you can use this one. Someone download the video before it became private.

Abriael1054d ago

Nah. The big sites almost never have to suffer consequences from this kind of mistakes, just because they're big. They'll probably get a shouting, and that's it.

gameseveryday1054d ago

Abriael is absolutely correct here.

Rimgal1054d ago

Kinda makes the big event pointless now, with this leak. They must be pissed.

Oh well shit happens.

Alexander1Nevermind1054d ago

September 30.....Nice Birthday gift for me

blitz06231054d ago

Aren't they showing other stuff in the show anyway? Sure the release date is probably the biggest one, but there are other things to look forward to

bouzebbal1054d ago

haven't been this excited for a Square Enix game for ages.

PeaSFor1054d ago (Edited 1054d ago )

Hopefully Gamespot will be blacklisted from EVERYTHING in the future,

DragonKnight1054d ago

"The big sites almost never have to suffer consequences from this kind of mistakes."

Kotaku's relationship with Ubisoft, Sony, and Bethesda disagree.

AHall881054d ago


Was Kotaku ever really big?
I've never used them as a primary site and feel sorry for those that do.

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kmeck5181054d ago

I'll still watch the event tonight, I'm sure there's more to it than just the release date and a demo announcement.

-Foxtrot1054d ago

Wait so the demo with young Noctis unlocks a Summon that can't be unlocked in the main game

What the hell man, I don't want to play more of this I want to savour it for the full game. I shouldn't be punished for not playing on it by not letting me unlock a Summon.

Abriael1054d ago

The demo is not part of the full game. it's a prequel.

Averyashimself1054d ago

You're not getting punished for not taking a free opportunity. That's like saying your getting punished for you choosing not to collect lottery money you just won.

Taero1054d ago

It's not a vertical slice like the last demo it's something that isn't in the full game and this is the only way you can play it. So it's more a demo of all the systems than a demo of content.

CrimsonWing691053d ago

Dude it's a free demo that gives you an incentive to play through it. It's F-R-E-E. It's a little something to hold you over till the final game comes out and gives fans a bonus. Is Carbuncle imperative to the making the final game playable or unplayable? No, so quit whining!

Nobody is punishing you for not playing the demo. If anything you get a FREE reward for playing something for 20 minutes. I swear you can't please anybody nowadays!

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Dioxinis1054d ago

Thanks a lot! bubble up! cant wait for this game!

showtimefolks1054d ago

can't wait. depending on what else is coming around than i think it's a solid time before many of the big hitters come out in late october/early november

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Geobros1054d ago

Finally Gematsu was right.....

Overload1054d ago

There is also a demo that releases tonight.

Eonjay1054d ago

Oh... Now thats is interesting.

LOL_WUT1054d ago

Can't wait to play this so hyped ;)

TheTwelve1054d ago

Impress me again, Final Fantasy!

LoneWolf0191054d ago

Revealed during the live event...Yet the live event hasn't happened lol

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