Five Games that Best Utilize the PS4's Controller

Though it may be just a controller, it’s a shame that there are only a few games that creatively use the PS4’s rather impressive controller.

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Neonridr1997d ago

so shaking a controller a few times and then pressing the trigger is considered a good way to use the controller? :P

I will definitely agree with Until Dawn though. Loved the parts where you had to hold the controller perfectly still.

UnHoly_One1997d ago

That would never work for me. I move around too much and never sit completely still for long.

I'd get caught mid-movement and fail those parts before I knew what was happening.

Mr Logic1997d ago

Lay off the coffee, Tweak.

kraenk121997d ago

Lol those parts were like 10 seconds long...come could do it!

UnHoly_One1997d ago (Edited 1997d ago )

lol, I'm not saying I'm incapable of sitting still for 10 seconds.

Just that I move around a lot and unless I knew that was coming up, I'd likely fail it instantly because I was already moving when it started.

I can be prepared to push a button whenever a prompt pops up, but I'm not going to sit stone still the entire time I'm playing just in case one of these pops up.

CJ64Bit1997d ago

I personally really liked the way in which the developers thought about using the controller in a different fashion than the norm, hence the turn on it's side to emulate the spray can effect. It is fairly simple, granted, but I really enjoyed it. I do apologize if you weren't happy with the selection.

<3 Cameron

SpinalRemains1381997d ago

I thought that was amazing myself.

It was just a mini game. A great one though. Sounded like there was a steel bearing in there like a can of Krylon.

Stringerbell1997d ago

Metal Gear Solid The Twin Snakes via the Dolphin emulator. No joke try it out sometime, lots of fun with a DS4.

UnHoly_One1997d ago

What did Witcher 3 do with the PS4 controller's unique features?

Mr Logic1997d ago

Swipe up for map is the only thing I'm aware of, definitely doesn't warrant an appearance on a "best of" list.

psplova1997d ago (Edited 1997d ago )

Swipe up for map and hold in for inventory. Saves a lot of time actually.. those menus move like molasses.. and I agree it doesn't deserve to be on this list but that's why I said for me. ; )

JW10801997d ago

You beat me to it. Was about to post the same thing. Tearaway should be listed without a doubt.

CJ64Bit1997d ago (Edited 1997d ago )

I had put in a fore-note saying that I didn't really want to add in entries that were initially made for other consoles like Heavy Rain, Tearaway, Flower, etc, BUT my editor removed it for some reason...don't know why. Though you are most certainly right, Tearaway uses the controller amazingly though those controls are were very much ported from the Vita's setup. The only reason I included Metro Redux was because I didn't want to solely focus on just Thief for that entry.

Sorry to disappoint, hope you enjoyed the article though!

<3 Cameron

Mr Logic1997d ago

No Shadow of Mordor.


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