Remedy: why Quantum Break is "more exciting" than Alan Wake

"Alan Wake got repetitive, Quantum Break has enough mechanics and enemy types to keep the action exciting," Remedy's Thomas Puha told Gamereactor.

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bixxel1055d ago

Do you know why Red Dead Redemption is more exciting than GTA 1?

Genova841054d ago

I got maybe 2-3 hours in Alan Wake before I got bored with the gameplay. NBD though since I bought it for $2-3 a while back. I hear people love it. Was it just the story people liked, or did the gameplay get better as you went?

Genova841054d ago

Sometime in 2013, i think.

nowitzki20041054d ago

Maybe it didnt age too well? I havent played it since like the first year it was released. Back then it was one of the best games you could find.

TFJWM1054d ago

Not really, shine light then shoot. Story is decent(a bad Stephen King novel).

First time I stopped a couple hours in as well. I just went back to play it all and I am not sure why people love it so much. It not a bad game by any means but I don't get it I guess

kraenk121054d ago

The way he mentions the game to be more of a summer blockbuster game targeting a wider audience confirms some of my concerns. The things I loved the most about Remedy games in the past was their dark and gritty stories.