5 Easiest March PlayStation Trophies and Platinums

Five games that have easy trophies and platinums in March 2016.

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Manubiggs1053d ago

Cause we love it when a simple list is spread over 5 pages instead of one

Eidolon1053d ago (Edited 1053d ago )

You know.. the problem isn't entirely that you have to click "next", but that it refreshes the entire page, so annoying, why? I'd prefer how gamesradar does their "top/best x" lists.

madworld1053d ago (Edited 1053d ago )

I think the division has easiest trophy when you shot car door what I like most in the division is just three videos after collapsed it is freaking good.

the_mack_attack31053d ago

I refuse to do it on my website purely out of my hatred for it!

Ozmoses1053d ago

Yeah I'll have the the platinum for The Division by the end of today most likely just have to finish up the collectibles and I have like less then 40 or so left.

Some of the trophies however were glitched unless they've been fixed. I know that the trophy for completing all the missions on Hard difficulty at level 30 took forever to finally unlock.

I also heard some of the collectibles are glitchy and won't give you credit but I haven't ran into that.

MLB The Show 16 will probably be after The Division.. I just started it yesterday and the trophy list doesn't look to be that difficult.

carlingtat1053d ago

1.Catlateral Damage
2.The Walking Dead: Michonne Episode 2
3.The Division
4.Heavy Rain
5.Trackmania Turbo

Saved you having to click through 5 seperate pages.

Vitalogy1053d ago

That's very helpful Sir, have a bubble ;)