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We Got This Covered: Unlike some of its sports sim contemporaries, MLB The Show hasn’t really struggled in making the jump from console generation to generation. The two PlayStation 4 released entries have maintained the same solid core of the series, while also evolving into a graphical showcase for the console. The series’ main problem has been trying to innovate and evolve from a gameplay perspective. Not helping matters is the fact that its only competition comes from MLB Advanced Media’s budget R.B.I. Baseball franchise and the excellent, but not licensed, Super Mega Baseball.

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Rookie_Monster1057d ago

Great review. Got this game yesterday and love the improvements that are made for it.

WeAreLegion1057d ago

Same here. Fielding seems a lot smoother. I'm not fighting the characters.

Wallstreet371057d ago (Edited 1057d ago )

I got the game yesterday too and i really love MLB The Show.

The last one i got was 2014 but idk for some reason the graphics dont look to have improved much imo as opposed to the way some reviewers have said in their reviews (maybe im mis remembering).

Also the fielding seems a little different to me from 2014. I cant remember how it was done in 2014 but i know in this version you have the meter for throw strength but also you have to move the icon on the right to align with the meter and press R2 to throw a good throw to for example second base. I dont know its been messing me up and i know its different from 2014.

Anyway overall these games are top of the line and well worth a 60 purchase. Hopefully 17 isnt cross gen and they can utilize PS4 power completely and take another step forward graphical. Game play wise these games dont need to change much as they are already great.

xfiles20991057d ago

Best Baseball Game ever I swear I see what they have done with Baseball. I would love to see them bring the NFL Gameday series back or maybe NCAA Gamebreaker, That would be awesome.

Gamist2dot01057d ago

The day the NFL discontinue their contract with EA, will be the day I will finally own an NFL game again...

1057d ago
ShadowKnight1057d ago (Edited 1057d ago )

Not surprise at all with the score.