Dark Souls Tea sells for over £300 on eBay

A unique, one-of-a-kind box of Dark Souls-themed Yorkshire Tea has sold for £310 on eBay.

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Kyosuke_Sanada1055d ago (Edited 1055d ago )

It's for charity so it's great that it sold for so much but I was hoping the box would have a picture of Anor Londo.

The taste intrigues me though. I imagine a tea bag, that when added to any temperature of water, automatically brings it to scalding and it gets even hotter if cream or sugar is poured in. The after taste though is heavenly!!!

MoveTheGlow1055d ago

Haha, this is pretty fitting, because Yorkshire is 1) awesome and 2) a strong, dark cup of tea. Maybe they can get a "Collector's Edition" Dark Souls Tea that's Yorkshire Gold.

DivineAssault 1055d ago

I never knew this even existed.. Goes to show how much people appreciate these games and its lore.. I would keep that box sealed and never use it.. Nice piece of memorabilia