Should PC gamers be concerned about Dark Souls III?

MWEB GameZone writes: "For a PC gamer, the challenge of Dark Souls isn’t just its unrelentingly difficult gameplay; but also the struggles brought forth by the historically terrible 'console ports' both previous entries manifested as."

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SonZeRo1053d ago

NOt a fan of breaking keyboards/mice/gamepads so i will stay away.

Sillicur1053d ago

I threw my mouse more times than I would like to admit in DS1, even once in celebration :( :)

Tzuno1051d ago

buy a damn x 360 controller, i game this way for years.

nowitzki20041052d ago

Why not use a controller and break that instead?

JsonHenry1051d ago

I just plug in an Xbox360 or Xbox1 controller to play these types of games. The default control scheme for Dark Souls on PC is harder than the game itself lol.

But as far as problems upon release they're all ironed out rather quickly. And now that the games are being made solely for x86 systems I am betting most of the problems of the past will not be present in the future.

FasterThanFTL11052d ago

4k/60fps + Xbox One Elite Controller + ReShade. The answer is I am not concerned.

nowitzki20041052d ago

1080p/60fps + DS4 + maybe reshade = Not worried.

I liked Witcher 3 vanilla more than any reshade so ill wait and see for DS3.

ONESHOTV21051d ago

yeah i use better DS3 1440p+ sweetfx woo lol

Maxor1052d ago

Why the hell would you play this a mouse and keyboard?

nowitzki20041052d ago

I love M&K but if its a a 3rd person game and its not a 3rd person shooter then controller is the best.

ShadowKnight1052d ago (Edited 1052d ago )

I'm always concern when they just port games to PC when it's not the leading platform. Make's me wonder should I get the PS4 version or the PC version. Sound's like Dark Souls 3 was design using the PS4 artitecture and leading platform. But you still can't beat 60fps on the PC version

nowitzki20041052d ago

A lot of games are made based on PS4 architecture, doesnt mean the game will look exactly the same on PS4 and PC. What kind of card do you got?

ShadowKnight1051d ago

A GTX 980. I've decided to get the PC version just because of the 60fps. I can't turn that down.

callahan091051d ago

I played both of the first & second DS games on my PC and loved every moment of them, so I'm definitely in for this one o
n PC as well, although with my best buy membership I can get it cheaper on PS4 than on Steam, so I'm considering getting it for PS4 first and then getting it on Steam someday when it's on a Steam sale (this is exactly how I did it with the first two in fact, I have PS3 Platinum trophies and Steam 100%'s on both games).

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