The Bold New Age Of Space Simulators

How No Man’s Sky is opening up a once-niche genre to a new breed of space jockeys. If you sit Hello Games' indie title next to Star Citizen, it somehow feels more ambitious than Roberts’ offering, if only in terms of a very simple distinction: No Man’s Sky is targeting mainstream audiences.

Put simply, the space simulator isn’t a mainstream genre. Hell, the term ‘simulator’ is synonymous with a high barrier of entry, steep learning curve, and games from the genre are aimed at a technically minded player base looking to experience what it feels like to fly a jet. Pilot a chopper. Control a submarine. Launch into space.

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ArchangelMike1056d ago

I think VR will also be a very significant driver for Space Sims going forward. It seems like such a natural and logical next step for the genre.

The momentum has already begun with the release of Occulus. Early VR reviews for Eve Valkyrie are very positive, and Elite Dangerous is also confirmed for VR. I imagine that Star Citizen will eventually get VR support down the line. And with Star Wars Battlefront also getting a VR overhaul, it is only a matter of time before we see a VR X-Wing Vs Tie Fighter, or Rogue Squadron game. It seems like VR will lead to a natural evolution of how we play space sims (and flight sims in general). Just look at the seemingly unanimous request for No Man's Sky to be playable in VR.

yarbie10001056d ago

I thought a simulator simulated ya know.....reality.

Difference between games like Elite Dangerous and No Man's sky is - No Man's sky doesn't simulate reality in space or the galaxy as we know it at all. It's just procedural. Just like Minecraft which has been around since 2009.

Elite Dangerous uses Nasa data and allows you to travel to any star or planet within the known universe.

Liqu1d1055d ago

Which is why I'm more interested in NMS. I'm more interested in a cool sci-fi game than a space sim.

Pongwater1054d ago


That's page one on Steam for Simulation games. I see a Star Wars game, so there goes your theory.